Neopets Hidden Tower Guide

Neopets Hidden Tower Guide

The neopets hidden tower link is as follows:


ItemsThe items are some of the rarest in neopia and is the only official shop where you can buy paint brushes. All of the items can be found for cheaper in other trades. The items inside are not affected by half price day. Never buy from the hidden tower unless you want to throw your neopoints into the symol hole. Don’t fall for whatever fyora says. This is a great place to dream to buy from, but not a good place to waste your hard earned neopoints on. The hidden tower never runs out of anything and therefore never has to restock. However, when Fyora is adding new items to her stock, she is down for an hour sometimes. Some items, like the faerie paint brush, the rod of supernova, and the rod of ultranova are all retired from the hidden tower, which means they are no longer available but they were at one point in the hidden tower.

The paintbrushes sold at the hidden tower are very unique. They are the dargain paint brush, the royal paint brush, and the baby paint brush. The faerie paint brush was sold there but has since been retired. These are some of the rarest and most expensive paint brushes in neopia. They, like all other items at the hidden tower, are highly overpriced. They are the only place you can receive royal paintbrush color is fromt he hidden tower. Meaning you cannot get it in the lab ray, fountain faerie quests, or morphing potions. If you wish to have a paint brush and are not looking for the fyora avatar, then I reccomend going to the trading post or an auction.



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AvatarsThere are also some avatars associated with the hidden tower. The fyora avatar can be earned by simply buying an item from the hidden tower. Unless you have millions of neopoints that you want to throw down the neotoilet, then don’t do it. When you get this avatar there is no random event, it just shows up in your avatar list.

You can get the “I Taunt the Pant Devil” avatar by having a hidden tower item with an estimated value of 1 million neopoints or more in your inventory and refresh. If you put it in a trade, the pant devil can’t steal it.

The faerie queen doll avatar can be earned by simply buying a faerie queen doll from the hidden tower. If you buy the fyora queen doll, you may save yourself a few neopoints and get two avatars instead of one. Once you buy it you get the ‘Hidden tower – Fyora’ avatar as well as the Faerie Queen Doll av! This doll is very expensive though. Be careful not to confuse the faerie queen doll with the Supreme Deluxe Faerie Queen Doll, since the Supreme Deluxe Faerie Queen Doll is much more expensive!



CommentsHere are a few comments Fyora has when you enter:

  • You must be strong to wield these items in battle.
  • You could never afford any of these!
  • These magical artifacts are centuries old!
  • My favourite is the Rod of Nova (but I seem to be sold out!)
  • No, I dont do loans!!!
  • I will add more items to my stock soon!
  • You will never lose another battle again!

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