Neopets Ice Cream Machine Guide

Neopets Ice Cream Machine Guide

Ice Cream Machine

Basic Information

Ice Cream Machine (click to play)
Game ratio:
10 NP per 100 pts scored

(To get, score 15,000+)
Quick cheats:

Game Ratings

Fun Rating: 8/10 Stars This game is an entertaining one to play. It starts out a whee bit slow with the easy levels, but once things get going, you constantly have to move back and forth to avoid being crushed by the frozen ice cream of doom!

NP Rating: 8/10 Stars Being consistent with the fun rating, the amount of NP you get each play is usually a good one. I’d say most people get between 600-850 NP per play, and occasionally will get 1000 NP if they reach a score of 10,000!



IntroductionThis game is based off the now dead version called “Ice Cream Factory”, but includes cooler graphics, a new soundtrack, and no more of that boring maze after each level!



Your name is Adee the Chia, and you have eaten so much ice cream that you are beginning to have dreams about being stuck in a room that does nothing but shoot ice cream at you! Could your addiction to ice cream hamper your mental and physical well-being? Do you maybe have a problem if you find yourself dreaming about ice cream? Would you like to talk to someone about this? Maybe, but for now, just sit back and play Ice Cream Machine!



Now this game is very difficult, and requires much will power. Instead of collecting the ice cream and allow it to trickle down your dry throat as it melts in a pleasant and refreshing way, you must avoid the ice cream. That’s right, if the ice cream hits you, you will lose a life! You begin with three lives, but can earn more throughout the game.


The Ice Cream!

Below is a table including level, the name of the ice cream, the ice cream itself, and the scoops you must collect to pass each level.


Level Ice Cream Level Ice Cream Pic Scoops
1. Strawberry 25
2. Vanilla 50
3. Chocolate 75
4. Mint 100
5. Blueberry 125
6. Vanilla Chocolate Chip 150
7. Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate 175
8. Peach 200
9. Vanilla Chocolate Swirl 225
10. Double Chocolate Chip 250
11. Tigersquash 275
12. Rainbowberry 300
13. Garlicy Bratwurst 325



There are also a number of bonuses to collect throughout the game. Here is yet another table displaying the name of the bonus, a picture of it, and its effect. If its name is in red it means that the bonus is bad. If its name is in green That means the bonus is good.


Bonus Name Bonus Pic Bonus Effect
Faster This is self-explanatory, but it makes the ice cream shoot faster.
Slower This makes the ice cream shoot slower. Following along? Good!
Bigger Makes you, Adee the Chia, bigger!
Smaller This makes you smaller. If you still don’t understand,
email me at
Shield Protects you very temporarily from ice cream attacks!
Strawberry Bomb This little guy will destroy all the ice cream in the vicinity in
and start a new wave instantly. You’ll still keep your
score, though.
Extra Life Has a heart ever steered you wrong? Get this for an
extra life!
Cherry Bonus This is a cherry bonus, and will add 100 points to your
score if collected.
Fish Bonus Have fish ever steered you wrong? Collect it and get 250 points!

Often times throughout the rounds as well, there will be toppings on the ice cream. Each ice cream is worth 5 to your score (but you still need to collect 50 ice cream scoops, for example, if you are in the vanilla round). However, any scoop of ice cream with a caramel, chocolate, or strawberry topping is worth double per scoop. One with “multiple toppings” is worth triple per scoop. Are you still reading this? Good!



-Play on a hard surface with a decent mouse.
-Don’t kill yourself to get a life! Wow, that sounded weird. What I meant was don’t make stupid decisions, like flying right into a scoop of ice cream to get some sort of bonus. Play conservatively and safely. As long as you avoid the ice cream, you won’t need a life. Heck, I don’t have a life (in more ways than one… erm, continuing on!).
-Don’t collect too many “slower” bonuses in one level. The ice cream will be so clumped together you will be trapped!

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