Neopets Invasion of Meridell Guide

Neopets Invasion of Meridell Guide

Basic Information: 

Invasion of Meridell
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Invasion of Meridell

Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1 points
For 1,000 NP, score 1000.
AdventureMost Challenging
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
Awarded after completing Mission 7 Battle 3 of Invasion of Meridell during the same month you started your game.
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None None
First Place Second Place Third Place



The first time I heard about of this game was on a Staff Interview (to Tom, one of the Game Designers) where it is described as:

“…nice and complicated and has lots of replayability so you can play it differently every time”

This is indeed true. It’s one of the most challenging games you can find onsite. This is a strategy game that does not require any talent or gameness. Before everything read very carefully the goodies that TNT gives you: Instructions, the FAQ and the Strategy Guide.

On this game you have to save Meridell from invading Darigan troops. For that you must turn your enemies into Meridellians and retrieve a lost object. The score is reset on the beginning of the month, so start playing on the first day (works as Monthly Tournament) 


Your Troops and Weapons

Here will be described the elements you have to fight against the Darigan troops. Try to change your fighters in way to have a full healed and armed troop all the time.

Get some of these, armed with a helmet. On the Second Wave update for a Double Sword
Useful only on Second Wave, armed with a Chain Mall and a Double Sword.
Useful only on First Wave, armed with a Bow. Get them on a Soldier Rank.
Get at least one equipped with an amulet. You can also equip a scroll or an axe. That way you can move and attack immediately. For the Second Wave get two skeiths, both with Axes.
The grundo is a vital piece of the game. Keep one with you all the time, equipped with a scroll and a Robe. He can heal your troops, but you can only heal him trough the potion method. On mission five you may like to get another grundo (will be very useful for the Second Wave)

You want to start with a good troop. Make a sum of the Attack Strength and Defence Strength of your pets. The ideal troop will have them on the rage of 56 and 53 (or more). A balanced troop during the whole game is also recommended.

  • Villager
  • Defender – 3 saves
  • Soldier – 9 saves
  • Captain – 18 safes
  • Lieutenant – 30 safes



The Game Phases

There are 10 missions and 30 battles. Each Mission consists on 3 battles and you can retrieve the lost item on any of them. To know more about the lost items read carefully theinformation that TNT gives you. You do not need to retrieve them, but they will boost your strength.
You are allowed to make 5 moves per turn (a move is represented by a square on the board)
Enemies make a single move per individual in board. They tend to move and attack you, unless they can sack a village.
You lose the battle if your enemies sack four villages.


Your Stats

  • Hit points (HP) -Health. Maximizes at 18 (21 at second wave). represent the health of the fighter. Your fighter is on full health with 18hps, and no matter how hard you try to heal them their hps will never rise above 18. If any fighter’s hps fall to 0 or lower, they are converted to the other side of the battle.
  • Attack strength – Represents the amount of damage they are able to do. Increasing this will not be effective until you cross to a higher square. Goes up to 19 on Second Wave. Your bonus will increase on the following moments:
    • 0 – 7/9
    • 1 – 9/11
    • 2 – 12/14
    • 3 – 15/17
    • 4 – 18
    • 5 – 19
  • Defence Strength – When you have a high defence your opponent will do less damage. It can basically be described like this xD.



Calculating Damage

The game works based on a “dice” that rolls between 1 and 20, when starting combat. The strength and defence are based on the number that comes after the “+” sign. So the Strength (S) can be calculated by adding the Strength Number (SN) and the Number you rolled (R). As formula: SN+R=S

However, strength is not the only factor for the damage calculus. Now we’ll consider the Defence power of the opponent: you’ll have to subtract the Defence Number (DN) of your opponent the strength you just calculated to find the Damage (D). As formula: S-DN=D

This works either for you or your opponents.
To calculate the maximum damage that you can receive or give to a specific opponent consider that R=20 


Maximize your Points

This is also a way to get ranks easily and faster.
Don’t hurry to transform all the invaders. Let one of them alive and let him keep transforming one of yours. You can keep converting him until you have your new rank and then finish.

Above everything else: heal a lot, avoid being killed. It does not care if you are a hard hitter. Here we are more concerned about our own health. Attack with care and keep healing.

Keep good weapons with you, as amulets and (very important!) a Lightning Wand.

When attacking, give priority to: those that are around one of your soldiers and to those that are low on hit points.

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