Neopets Keyquest Guide!

Neopets Keyquest Guide!


Here. Click ‘play game’ to connect to the keyquest game, or click ‘tutorial’ to learn more and better understand the game. :)


Occasionally the Keyquest server will go down, either for tweaking or because of a massive amount of users, etc. Watching the boards will help tell you if anyone else is having similar problems, in which case the server is probably down for everyone. Just be patient, play a bit of Techo Says (if you’re so inclined), and hopefully it’ll be back soon!

If you get the white screen, its suggested to try updating your Flash Player, as this typically means your flash is out of date. Update if you can, and then come back and see if the white screen is gone.


The tokens available are currently for testing purposes and it was given to you randomly. Hopefully when the game is fully released you will be able to choose your default token. Until we know, the only way to change your token is to purchase a keyquest plushie (available at stores like Target) and enter the code on the main keyquest page to get a token from your plushie. More information on keyquest plushies can be found Here.

ALSO, CONCERNING SOME HERO/FAERIE TOKENS: There are also some tokens of characters such as Princess Amira, Jeran, and the Darkest Faerie available! These character tokens are said to be available through the TCG ‘Fun Packs’ that say ‘Possibility of a Keyquest Prize’ (This is on the back of the cardboard holding of the box, at least, that’s where I found it). The ones I have seen with this logo have had the characters in the possible tokens ON the packs, but this could change in the future (or there could be other fun packs without these characters; or even later on different sets of cards that do not have to be fun packs), as more packs will probably be released. Note that this says POSSIBILITY of a Keyquest token, you aren’t guaranteed one! I purchased a few fun packs, and did not see a ‘Keyquest’ card in the packs (I have seen an image of the supposed card, but don’t know if that image is authentic). I got virtual prize cards, but putting them in the code redeemer did not appear to give me a Keyquest token either. So I stress, I am not sure of the probability of finding a Keyquest token in these ‘fun packs’, but users say that the possibility for these character tokens does exist. So please, do a bit of research to be sure its what you want before you buy anything, and make sure to check your packs to see if you have the kind you want! Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to real money!

Once again, I stress, don’t spend your money if you aren’t positive! Especially if you are only looking for the token and are going to be mad if you don’t get it! I try to provide the most accurate information possible, but if this information is inaccurate, I may have not bought the products, which makes me unable to tell you that. If you have any reservations or concerns, do more background checking until you’re thoroughly sure you WANT to buy the product! It’s real money, and I don’t want you to feel like you got ripped off because you bought the wrong product! Because I like you guys. :)


No I do not. It was up for a while one day, but since I do not think it has been up. Hopefully it will be soon if TNT actually plans on releasing it!


This section of Keyquest hasn’t been released yet, as they are just testing. Just be patient :) It looks very spiffy though, doesn’t it?!


Because Keyquest is still in its testing stages, not all the features are available yet. But don’t fret! We’re all waiting on baited breath for the new maps also!


Keyquest is currently being tested for its server load on the site, so it isn’t actually being released yet, just tested. As such, there are always a few kinks to be worked out. Some of that comes from lag because of the number of users playing, etc., but some also comes from the fact that the game is still in testing. We all have to just grin and bear it, and hope next time WE get the fast end of the connection!

Some user’s tips for getting Keyquest to run smoother are: turn off system scans (but not your firewalls or things actively protecting your computer), as they take up memory that the game needs to try to run. In fact, try to turn off all the processes and programs you can spare to while playing Keyquest (of course there are going to be some you want/need to keep open). Try not to multi-task as much as possible, as sometimes this will make the game lag or skip your turn (I think it believes you ‘left’ if you aren’t actively clicking on the board). If using tabs, try to keep the number up down to a minimum. Also, some users have troubles with the “Play Again” button, saying that it causes them to have to force their browser to turn off. If you believe this is causing you problems, avoid the button!


Some people are just sore losers *shrug*. But you don’t always know, their connection could have went bad, at a time when it would seem like they were just quitting. Or family members could have called to need them, something else could have come up, you never know. While some people do just quit to be mean or not let you win, others truly aren’t trying to, just to keep that in mind. Also, they may NOT know they get prizes…or they may not care. Personally, at least if you’re going to leave, saying ‘bye’ is nice so I know what’s going on. But if your connection is terminated or lagging or whatever, its understandable. Right?

If you are quitting because you don’t want to play and get no prizes, you’re quitting for a bad reason! Everyone in a game gets prizes, even in a 4 player game! Even if you come in 4th, the 4th player still gets one prize :) You’ll also get all the neopoints you earned during the game, so just play it out! You never know, you could come in higher than you thought!

If you have a reason you need to leave, the most courteous way is to try and leave a message on the chat board at least saying that you must leave, so people don’t think you’re just randomly quitting. It’s understandable if you have a lag/been booted/something more urgent has happened that you can’t leave a message, but if you do have a moment to leave one, its courteous and hopefully other players will understand :) And a message like ‘bye’ isn’t that helpful though..try something like ‘I wish I didn’t have to get going…’ (there is a message like this even in premade chat), and then say your goodbye. Hopefully the other player will be understanding. Don’t try to quit in the middle of games though, or look for excuses to quit when you’re losing. If you can play a game through, just try to! :)


I received this information from the boards, and have had it confirmed by another user. Apparently, clicking the circular picture of your token above the chat screen gives you an options and settings menu, which by scrolling down will reveal a sliding bar for sound volume, which you can then change to your convenience!


This may be a glitch/bug in the game, or it may be because of the testing nature of the game. You can choose to wait it out if it doesn’t bother you, or try to contact TNT to correct the matter. I don’t think either way is really a big hassle, so go for whichever suits you! :)


You can save the keys you win at the end of the game until later. After all, you can only redeem 10 keys per day at the prize vault! Any keys you win after or don’t use will just be saved, so you can use them the next day, etc. However, since this is Beta, this may change later on, and I’m not sure if your keys will carry over from Beta to Full Release.


Yes. No. Maybe. 42. Bacon. Oceanic 6.
Just kidding. If you have a really good/urgent/frequently asked question, mail me about it! If I can’t answer it, we can try to find someone who can! Either way, I’ll be thanking you for helping out my FAQs :)


So, everything you could every really need to know about Keyquest to being with is explained Here. I’m not going to just recite all of that back to you all, especially if you’ve all read it. Besides, it wouldn’t be much of a guide if it was just paraphrase, eh?


But for those of you reading this hoping to find out EVERYTHING, the most basic fundamental of keyquest is…collect all 5 DIFFERENT keys (in this version of Beta at least) and head to the door. Wow. Not that complex, huh? Yay!


Just remember. ALL 5 DIFFERENT KEYS BEFORE THE DOOR. Don’t be like me your first game. And think that because the door is green you need the green key. It will make you feel really dumb.


And you’re all smart cookies.

A basic walkthrough of getting yourself into a game without screaming at your computer in rage. :)


First, connect to keyquest. If you’ve done this, CONGRATS! The biggest headache is over :P. Now, on the side, select a group that you’d like to find a game in. You can either choose by how many keys (currently only 5-key is available in Beta) on the left side, or type of chat on the right side. I suggest newbies for anyone new to the game, since most people there are newer also. However, some are more likely to quit in the middle of a game (for whatever reason), but don’t get discouraged! There are plenty of good, well connected players for you to find.


After selecting the type of game you’re looking for, you will see a refreshing list of usernames in a box on the left side. There will be smiley faces next to the usernames also. The smiley faces show how many people the game is looking for, while the colored in smiley faces are how many people are currently IN the game. Find one that is looking for players, and click ‘Join Game’! However, if you pick one that is only looking for one or two players, another player may click before you and you will get a ‘Join Failed’ message on the bottom. Aww! Just try another game, you’ll find one soon!


Once you are connecting to a game, a screen should come up with four colored bases on the bottom and a chat screen in the middle. Select a color that isn’t taken that you like, and your token should appear on the base and begin having a loading circle, meaning you are being added to the game! After that, you wait for more players. You can chat if you want for a bit until players come also.


Once all the desired players join the game, you will be asked to roll a dice. This determines who goes first and so on. Once the order is determined, the first player will be asked to choose a ‘home’, and so on down the line. The home possibilities for the current Neopia Central map are: Faerieland (the purple cabin), Haunted Woods (the dark colored shack), Lost Desert (the leaning brown tower), and Neopia Central (the neohome). Choose one that appeals to you (or whatever’s left!) and after everyone has chosen, the game should begin! Good luck!


So you want to create your own game now? You big dog you! On the main keyquest screen, click on the door that says, conveniently, ‘Create Game’. After that, choose how many players, what chat for the game to be in, and the map/number of keys (which are currently not available in beta).


But what if you want to invite your friends?! Well, click on the button to the right that says ‘Invite Players’. Your neofriend list should come up, and you can click on neofriends to invite to the game if they are currently connected to Keyquest. After you’ve invited as many as you want (but up to 3 :P), click ‘OK’. PLEASE NOTE that I have found that after clicking to invite neofriends, the number of players in the game is changed back to 4 on the original screen. Check to make sure the number of players is actually the number you want after you invite neofriends. :) However, you can most likely just start the game before it is opened to public anyway.


Your friend has invited you to a game of Keyquest. What do you do?! Oh the horror! But never fear! I find it much less of hassle to be connected to Keyquest while a friend invites you. However, this should STILL work even if you are not and the game has not yet started. Hopefully. Maybe. Anyway. Head to the chat where the game is being held (did your friend pick Newbies, Fan Clubs, etc.?) and you should see a message in the chat box that says ‘______ has invited you to a game’. Click on that message, and it should ask you if you’d like to join or not. Click yes, and you should be good to go! Heading to other chats MAY still allow the invite message to come up, but I’m not positive. :)
NOTE: I am almost sure that clicking ‘5 Key Game’ does NOT give you the message. And, though I can’t verify, I believe that there are people saying that heading to the wrong chat will not give you the message also. So make sure to ask your partner which chat the game is in!


Oh, and if you don’t know what to do after this, read the ‘Joining an Existing Game of Keyquest’ for more details on before the game begins. :D

I won’t bore you with ‘this is a tile….’, because if you if read the tutorial (hint: go read it! There’s a link in the basics section!), you would know all about the tiles. However, I figured I would point out a few little tidbits about the tiles (but not the home tile (where you start). That’s pretty basic. If you’re confused about it….tutorial!), because I like you all. :)


NEOPOINT TILES: Say ‘NP’ on them and are bronze. Basically, every tile that DOESN’T do something is a neopoint tile. These tiles generally give you 50np for each one you land on or pass over. Don’t scoff! It can add up quickly.


PORTAL: Ah. The SUPER BLACK PIT OF DOOM. Actually, its more of a purple/blue color with a swirly in the middle, but carrying on. On the Neopia Central board in Beta, there are two portal spaces, which warp back and forth to each other. One is located almost directly behind the gate, and the other is located in front of the gate and slightly to the side, but farther in terms of ‘as the crow flies’. These portals can be useful for getting to another side of the board once you’ve gotten all the keys you need on one side, but don’t warp prematurely! It can end up taking time away from you later to go back and collect keys you missed when you went through the first time.


MINI-GAME: Purplish squares with tiny stars. Trigger mini-games of both squealing happiness and terror of lag! Currently in Beta the mini-games available are: Spyder Scare, Petpetpet Snare, and Nova Matcher. These will be explained a bit more in the Mini-Games section.


POWER-UP: Rainbow and diamond-like, landing on these tiles gives you an in-your-current-game-of-keyquest TCG card, which has a specific effect in the game. Oh, and you get power-ups for landing on OR passing over the tile. Most are ‘power-downs’ for other players, but some can be used on yourself for a better advantage. More about how the power-ups can benefit you will be in the power-ups section, but reading the tutorial can tell you the basics and show you their symbols.
SPEAKING OF SYMBOLS AND POWERUPS…. Some users don’t know this, so I’ll let you in on it to help you out…you can see what powerups your opponents are holding! On the top of the screen, where a circle of their token, their username, and key-count are located, the three white squares above show held powerups. By knowing the symbols, you can know a bit of what your opponent may be planning and possibly counteract better. Yippie!


KEY SQUARES: Have keys on them. You land on them, you get the key. Other than that, nothing happens. :P


GATE SQUARE: The square RIGHT before the gate. If you come to an intersection before the gate, you’ll realize you only have the option to go in if you have all the keys needed. So get all those keys and get back there!


TREASURE CHEST ‘X’ TILE: Oooh! They’re after me lucky charms! Nah, but landing on this tile COULD be your lucky charm. In the current Neopia Central board, its located 2 squares above the gate. Landing EXACTLY on this tile, not just passing over it, has great rewards (at least, in MY opinion…). The tile will give you one random power-up, and also allow you to get any key of your choice! It’s like winning a mini-game! Also, this tile is said on the boards to give you an amount of np (another user reported that the amount seems random, but generally 500np+), so its like all the good tiles in one! Spiffy huh? Aren’t you glad I told you that? I know you are. :P

Just a basic overview of the mini-games and what to do in them, which ones seem to lag, etc.

Oh, and winning a mini-game lets you pick a key of any color of your choice (but only one key per win). So yeah. Winning or hindering others who need certain keys from winning is a good strategy *thumbs up*

NOTE: Many of the mini-games have a whole new screen after the previous screen has been filled (example: all novas are matched in nova matcher) so be prepared for another round or two after the first!


SPYDER SCARE: In this game, you control the spyder with your token’s base’s colored eyes. Watch where his eyes are pointing (they rove around) and where he is moving, then click to have him jump down and (hopefully) pick up an item from the ones below. Getting an item safely back to the web above will get you points. :) I believe the swirly-screws are worth more than the nutty-bolts, but if you have a different analysis, let me know! Also, I’ve found that the black orbs seem to make the spyder go faster, while the white orbs make another random spyder be ‘caught in a pit’ and unable to move. Again, see something different? Let me know. Try to move for items higher up, since you can pull them back easier. In my opinion, this game is fairly laggy…ocassionally my spyder will get stuck in the middle of the screen and unable to move, or get stuck on top of another spyder. Oh that’s another thing. Don’t move behind another spyder in the same path, or your spyder will most likely hit the other and curl up and crawl back with…no items :(. Aww. Best of luck to you!


PETPETPET SNARE: In this game, watch the top of the screen for the ‘target petpetpet’. Then, find that petpet on the screen, click and hold your mouse, and draw a circle/boxtangular shape around the petpetpet. Hopefully it will say ‘PERFECT LOOP!’ and disappear, giving you points. Keep getting more target petpetpets until all of the current target are gone. Then look at the top of the screen again to see the NEXT target, and continue one. People say this is one of the games that gives them the MOST trouble. Normally I am able to get through the game pretty well, but there is a bit of a lag after someone else loops a petpetpet, and I think your circle stops being made, which is a hinderance and a bit of an annoyance. Ah well, hopefully you’ll be able to make it through with flying colors!


NOVA MATCHER: Pretty much the most basic game really, just basic matching with no memory involved. Find two novas that are the same color, with the same colored-aura and eyes. Yes, occasionally there will be, say, 8 yellow novas on the screen, but only two/four with turquoise eyes/aura. Typically there are 4 of the same nova, meaning two pairs able to be made of the same ones. After a pair is made, it should spin and disappear. You make a pair by clicking on both novas, obviously; and the person with the most pairs wins. This game is fun and simple (chaotic and even more exciting with more players), but the lag seems very large and unpredictable. Sometimes pairs won’t spin and disappear until a while after they’re clicked, leaving you clicking and wondering. Also, sometimes you believe you have clicked most of the pairs, then look up to find your score is very low in comparison to everyone else. Just keep clicking pairs that aren’t spinning, and hope that you can be the most magnificent matcher!

A quick overview of what the powerups do, and a look into some strategic uses of powerups for ultimate domination! And remember, powerups are ONE TIME USE. With great power comes great responsibilities, hm?

Note that the images of items that I used to pretty up this section of the page are probably not the exact items pictured on the cards. I just looked around Neopets for items that looked similar to the ones of the cards to jazz this spot up a bit :)


LOADED GUMMY DICE: Ah, the gummy. So tasty, yet so evil when in the wrong hands (note: to your enemies, yours.) This powerup allows you to roll whatever number you wish on the turn you use it. Think of the possibilities! You could make sure you get to the gate on your next turn if you have all the keys, or even use it to make sure you land on that wonderful treasure chest tile….or perhaps you have something more cunning in mind. Hm?! I have your mind reeling now, don’t I?


MISDIRECTED COMPASS: What side of the tree does the moss grow on? Obviously this guy didn’t know. In any case, this allows you to choose any player to change their direction of movement. Now that’s all fine and dandy for things like….keeping them away from a key, keeping them away from the gate…keeping them away from you….but, what if YOU want to be the one dazed and confused? That’s right, you can use the misdirected compass on YOURSELF. Oh, now you see the real goodness of this powerup don’t you? Someone gave you a turn for the worst? Just take a 360 and your right back on your merry way. Got a key one direction but would have to go around the board to get back to the other? Just flip your token right around! Wooooo! Just remember…you can’t confuse people who have not chosen a path yet, young Jedi, including yourself. If a player is on a tile that allows them a fork in the road, they can choose whatever path they want without any side effects. And you just wasted a powerup for nothing. Don’t do that! You have much more wicked plans in store!


CATAPULT: Did anyone say SORRY!? After the player with all the keys messes with you, they will be once you use this. You get to send any player back to their home square, to take a time out and think about exactly what they did. Oh, but don’t worry, they’ll be back out and about on the board next turn. Not where they were, but trying to get there, very unhappily. Great for stalling though, especially when they are VERY close to winning.


TRANSPORTER HELMET: TOKENS IN DISGUISE! Oh wait, wrong word….uhm, well then. With this, you’ll get to switch places with any other player on the board. Oooh, spiffy. So, if you need that key WAY over in the former dark side of Neopia, just switch it up with a player over there. Or, when you have all the keys, switch with a player closer to the gate. Oooh, possibilities. More than meets the eye.


DISTRACTION POTION: LOOK! DR.SLOTH! No, seriously. I haven’t seen this powerup used yet, so I’m not sure if it’s in Beta, but it’s supposed to allow you to switch one of your keys with another player’s. Wow, all those times of circling the board and winning mini-games, getting double or triple keys of the same color is looking pretty nice right now, isn’t it? Or, take a key that’s far away for one much closer to you that you can get again. Or something I haven’t thought of yet. I’m distracted right now…


BOTTLE OF QUICKSAND: Make someone lose a turn. REALLY make them mad. That’s really all I have to say about this one. I’ve had 2 used on me in one turn, but I don’t believe it made me lose 2 turns in a row, still just 1. If you have stories of it, share them with me so I can know. Use this wisely…like against POWERFUL players about to win…or just people you really, really don’t like.


KEY GRABBER: Remember the Sledgehammer in Super Smash Bros.? Yeah, Key Grabber is the Sledgehammer in Keyquest. You can only attempt to flee in terror, but they almost always find a way to inflict massive damage. In any case, the Key Grabber does just that, steal any color key you want from any player you want. Basically, you can really annoy people just by taking random keys, or actually take ones you need. It depends on how you feel that day.


RAINBOW STICKY HAND: Rainbow Sticky Hand is very…Chaotic Neutral. It COULD be a lifesaver, or it could just be taking up space in your powerups and annoying you. It really depends on what everyone else is getting. This powerup allows you to steal someone else’s powerup for your own. So, someone just got a Key Grabber and you fear for the safety of your keys? RAINBOW STICKY HAND TO THE RESCUE! However, if no ones getting powerups you need/are particularly afraid of, the rainbow sticky hand can seem like just another plushie gathering dust in your gallery…

And remember, you can only use one powerup per turn, so choose wisely. Seeing what powerups your opponents have on the top of the screen is a good strategy too, so you don’t use a powerup they can simply counteract. Oh, and if you get a powerup while you have 3, you will be asked if you want to discard one. If you want the powerup you are just recieving, click ‘yes’ and choose a powerup to get rid of and replace with the new powerup. If you don’t want the new powerup, click ‘no’. Try to think which powerups will best benefit you!

Ah. And so, the end is near. There are a lot of prize lists appearing around Neopia, but why not have one of our own?

After completing a game of Keyquest, a list will appear showing who came in what place in the game (and yes, there can be ties) and how many neopoints you earned. Going to the prize vault allows you to use your key (gold, silver, bronze, or ‘copper'(?) depending on how you placed) to open a door and reveal…MORE PRIZES THAN NEOPOINTS! How cool! Using a gold key on a door gives you four prizes, a silver key three, and so on down the line, so even the person in last place gets a prize!

Right now only 10 keys can be redeemed per day, but extra keys can be obtained in a day and redeemed the next day. If you know of a limit on how many extra keys can be earned and held back, let me know!

So here is a list of some of the prizes that have been received in this beta version of Keyquest. Hover over the image to find out the item’s name. Happy questing!

Also, please note this list is smaller than some prize lists because it is composed of only items I have personally received playing, or that close, trustworthy friends reported having received (as we often play games against each other). Some prizes are added without any of us getting them, as their deflation or price changes are proof of a large amount of them being obtained, and being reported by other Keyquest players. So this list should be, for the most part, thoroughly authentic; no worrying about prizes users say they got but may not have :). Prizes I see multiple people reporting recieving (or that I see a LARGE deflation in after many reports) MAY be added, but for the MOST part, these are my own and my close friend’s prizes, with some exceptions.

I’m sure you can understand wanting to keep something as authentic as possible, so that’s why I try to keep the list to mostly ‘what I see for myself’ or what friends I really trust confirm. However, when I see a large deflation and many people reporting recieving a prize, I feel I can trust the masses. Hopefully they won’t let me down! :D (And it really isn’t that I don’t trust you as an individual if I don’t add your prize right away/ever, so PLEASE don’t think that!!)

                                      Orange Grundo Chair               

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