Neopets Kiss the Mortog Guide

Kiss the Mortog


Basic Information: 

Kiss the Mortog (click to play)
Game ratio:
Costs50np to play.

Correctly choose 4 mortogs in a row and collect the neopoints.
No – Sorry. :(
Quick cheats:



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IntroductionMwaz! Kissy kiss kiss! Wait, ew, what am I kissing again? A mortog?! No – ew, you’re crazy for 50 neopoints?! No way am I kissing that warty little… wait, neopoints? I get neopoints, ahmegee, okay maybe. Just maybe…

Okay, so basically the point of the game is to kiss a frog, er – mortog. Warty lips shall you say? There’s a point. One of the frogs that you kiss is a prince or a princess, and if you kiss the one that actually is the prince or the princess it changes into them and you get some neopoints. However, if the mortog you kiss is just a regular mortog, uhm, well, okay. So they don’t really like getting kissed, so if you kiss them, they blow up. Kaboom. ._. When this happens you lose all neopoints you’ve won including the 50 neopoints.

Every round you go onto, there becomes more and more mortogs, however there still only remains one mortog that is a prince or a princess, so it becomes harder and harder to correctly guess the Mortog. So you ready? Okay, awesome, prizes are next.



PrizesThe main prize is just simply neopoints. Your neopoints increase as you continue to win throughout the rounds however the likeliness of you winning as rounds go on decreases. Sorry hon, but that’s the way it goes. :( Here is the list of rounds and how much neopoints you get each round:

  • Round 1: 100 neopoints
  • Round 2: 300 neopoints
  • Round 3: 1,150 neopoints
  • Round 4: 5,900 neopoints
  • Round 5: 35,000 neopoints

Most people do not reach abover the 35,000 neopoint mark or it’s just impossible and you can’t win anymore than that. Getting any more seems near impossible. :)The other prize you ask? An avatar, the only reason I played Kiss the Mortog anyway. The game can get a bit boring after losing 2000 neopoints, the avatar just makes it interesting! So how do you get it you ask? You have to win 4 rounds through Kiss the Mortog or more and collect your winnings. This means you have to collect your winnings at 5,900 neopoints.



There isn’t much of a strategy, but it’s something nontheless. To get the avatar, don’t do random clicking. Stick to a strict routine of clicking. The first round, “Click the first on on the left”, on the second round, “Click the middle one,” etc. This will raise probability of winning.



QuotesThere’s a few little titbits here just to make things a bit interesting in the guide. Under pictures are some captions in the Kiss the Mortog homepage, winner mortog quotes, and loser mortog quotes. Hope you enjoy! ^^


  • Quotes from Kiss the Mortog at home:
    • You may give a Mortog warts, but a Mortog will never give you warts!
    • Kissy kissy kissy!
    • You’ll be hopping mad over this game!
    • These lumps are just an allergic reaction, nothing more.
    • Mortogs… we have a visitor!
    • Ahh, Sonny and Cher, my prize Mortogs!
  • Quotes if you win:
    • You are my saviour!
    • Which way to the castle??
    • I am so happy!
    • Thank you!!!!
    • This is the best day of my life!
    • Ulch, I felt all slimy, thanks!
  • Quotes if you lose:
    • Talk about the kiss of death!
    • *BANG*
    • *BOOM*
    • Thats going to stain!
    • Looks like that Mortog croaked it..
    • WRONG ONE!
    • Uh oh…
    • Game over man… game over
    • YUCK!!!!!
    • I think you have chosen the wrong moehog…