Neopets Krawk Cup Guide

Krawk Cup



The Krawk cup was much like the Altador Cup except revolving around a staff tournament rather than the common neopian people. It took place in Year 3, the month of gathering. The game revolved around deck ball, which yet again is a lot like the cup. It involved a game much like soccer except with petpets. Krawk petpets. Heh – quite similar eh? I guess TNT ran out of ideas and had to look to the past… (Booo *cough stifle cough*) Anyway what else is there to know?Well, no event would be interesting if users weren’t involved! So – of course, the users get to bet on the winners who they believed would win the staff tournament. For choosing the correct winner (out of 40 staff members, AH!) you would get 5,000 neopoints (Big whoop) and a one of a kind trophy (Yeah, about 1000 pixels with some gold stuff plasted on it, another big whoop).

The tournament is set up a bit crazily. I think they learned to make it simple in the Altador cup. There are 7 leagues with about 5-6 players each. First they compete against each other, and then the finalists from each league continue on in the competition.

What was pretty cool about this competition is the staff actually competed against each other in real life to see who played the best in this game. I love how we can find the best TNT staff gamer and the worst (*coughsnowflake&jimmyjonescough*).


In the final game those who voted for Mr. Roboto were awarded with a trophy and some neopoints (which I bet they blew all off in the next 10 minutes) because he emerged victorious of the first and only Krawk cup. though they planned to hold more in the future, the plan never re-emerged because the neopian players simply wanted something different.