Neopets Kreludan Mining Corp Guide

Neopets Kreludan Mining Corp Guide

Basic Information: 

Kreludan Mining Corp
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Kreludan Mining Corp

Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1.43 points
For 1,000 NP, score700.
ActionArcade Classic
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Welcome to the Kreludan Mining Corp. Here you’ll ride a spaceship (anyone’s dream came true, isn’t it?) to drag an orb of Kreludan metal, from a point to another. This would be simples if there were not some Sentient Space Fungus (from now known as “Fungus” or “Sweet Little Mushrooms”) ready to kill and eat you.

On this guide I intend to lead you to the levels that will able you to score the enough to get some daily 1000 neopoints. This game is fast and simple once you get to know it.




Up arrow: Thrust. Will make your spaceship go forward in the direction you’re aimed.
Right and left arrows: You can turn your machine and aim to a direction.
Space bar: Laser.
B: Tractor Beam. It exists so you can pick up Kreludan Metal and jewels.
N: Drop the Kreludan Metal.



Kreludan Metal
100 Points
One per level You have to catch it and take it to the “depository”, some large ugly place on the end of the level. When you do it you’ll be granted with your points and will finish the level.

Blue Gem
20 Points
They are attached to the walls. You don’t need to carry them, as your lovely machine will absorb them. Once you get the orb you’ll be enabled to get the gems, so get all of them before the orb.

5 Points
Kill them with the laser. It is recommended that you kill all of them before getting the orb, as it can get tricky if you’re carrying it. These mushymushy cute little things can spit noxious gases that will kill you if they hit the ship or the orb you’re carrying.

Here you have a fungus, a ball of noxious something, you and the depository



First Mine Shaft

  • One (Max Score: 120 points): You’ll be on the air and you’ll be falling. Go to the top left and shoot the wobbling part till a jewel falls and pick it up. Go to your starting place and let yourself fall. When you’re near the Orb (big round orange ball) press B. Drive to the depository and press N. Type “kreludor” for a bonus life.
  • Two (Max Score: 105 points): If you’ll let yourself fall a fungus will eat you. So don’t do it. Turn to the thing and shoot it. Get your orb (slowly and carefully) and lead right to the depository
  • Three (Max Score: 130 points): You’ll have one fungus up and two down. Kill all. Go up and left, kill the next two fungi. Go through the bottom and kill a last fungus. Get the orb and go your way back. For completing this level you get a life Bonus.

Second Mine Shaft

  • One (Max Score: 170 points): There are 13 fungi, what a cute number. Kill the one under you. Go to right, kill all. Go down through the bottom (this is a long way to go) and keep killing everything. If you want, put on Beethoven music, to set the Apocalypse Now mood. Get the orb. Go back up, slowly and carefully so your orb does not hit the walls.
  • Two (Max Score: 125 points): Kill the right fungus, go down and kill the two others that are there (one near the orb). Kill those in the passage and catch the orb. The space is limited so be very careful. You can go left or right.
  • Three (Max Score: 135 points): Kill the fungus close to you, go down and kill the next one. Enter the cave and kill the four meanies that are waiting for you. Take the orb and go your way back. You’ll get a life Bonus if you kill all those fungus.

Third Mine Shaft

  • One (Max Score: 195 points): Completing this level you’ll get 980 of a total score. Our guide will end here. Go to the right, kill fungus, open the gate, go through the gate, close the gate (ok, you can’t actually do this, but imagine), kill the two fungi on the right wall, go down and grab a jewel. Kill the two fungi and you’ll get 835 points. This is enough for 1000 neopoints. If you choose to continue the level for the final score, go down through the passage, kill the fungus, grab the jewel and pick the orb. Then you’ll just have to go back the same way you came.

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