Neopets Laboratory Map Guide

Questions & Answers

What is the Lab Ray?

The shortest questions give the longest answers.
The Secret Laboratory is a place where a mad scientist has built a mystic Ray. You can only get to the Lab by collecting all 9 pieces of the secret Laboratory map. Once you are there, the scientist will let you use his Ray, once a day, on one pet of your choice, with varying results.

How do you get to the Lab Ray?

The simple answer is: here!
The long answer is: collect all 9 pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map, then go to the game room, click on Puzzles, then scroll down all the way to the bottom and go to Treasure Hunt, then click on Laboratory.

How many pieces of the map are there?

There are nine pieces.

What do I search for on the Shop Wizard?

The exact phrase is “Secret Laboratory Map”, but just searching for “secret lab” also works. Just make sure you are not searching forPetpet Laboratory Map”

What does the Lab Ray do to your pet?

The changes are completely random, and it can do almost anything. It can change your pet’s species, gender, colour and give or take away stats, and sometimes it simply does nothing.

How many times can you zap your pet?

The Lab Ray can be used once a day, on one pet of your choice.

Does it cost anything to use the lab?

No. Once you’ve bought all the pieces, the use of the ray is absolutely free.

Can you decide what happens?

No, it’s completely random.

Is the lab bad for your pet?

It can do a lot of bad things to your pet. You’ll lose stats quite often, especially levels. Over time you’ll usually have a net gain on stats, but you can have bad luck.

Can you change Lab pet?

You can only zap one pet every day, but you get to choose which one each time.
See Screenshots.

Does the map disappear after you put it together?

The actual pieces disappear, and can therefore not be sold or lent out, but once they have been put together, you will always have access to the Lab Ray.

Can I borrow someone’s Lab map?

No you can’t. Once the pieces are put together, they disappear, but leave the path to the Laboratory open.

Can I sell the map once I’m done with it?

No you can’t. The pieces disappear once you put them together, and the lab will forever be accessible to you, but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

How do I get Lab maps?

As far as I know, the Lab map pieces come only from a quite rare random event, so the easiest way is to buy the pieces from other users, either through the shop wizard, auctions or trading post.

What is the cheapest and easiest way to get the map?

The cheapest way is, without a doubt, to get them from random events. It’s not a very reliable strategy though.
The easiest way is to buy the whole set from someone on the trading post, but be aware, the people who sell whole maps are almost always doing it to make a profit. You will never get a bargain on a whole set. A fair price, maybe; but never a bargain.
So, probably the most cost effective way to get the map is by buying it, piece by piece, on the shop wiz. You might even find under priced pieces and real bargains (I’ve come across newbies selling for 1np). Do several searches, you won’t always get the cheapest one on the first try.

Can you use the Lab on your petpet?

No, the Lab does not affect your petpets in any way.
A Petpet Lab Ray has been released, but it’s completely separate from the normal ray, and requires a different map.

How long does it take to paint a pet a certain colour?

Since it’s completely random what happens, it can take anything from one day to an eternity. If you have a certain colour in mind, it’s often easier to buy a paint brush. If you want a colour that can only be got from the Lab Ray, you either have to be very lucky, or very patient.

Can the Lab paint your pet any colour?

This is a matter of some debate. The Neopian Times have, on two separate occasions (issue 74 and issue 95), written in the editorial that pets can not be painted ghost, plushie or baby by the Lab Ray.
Apparently there was a glitch for a while, that caused pets to be painted these colours, but this has according to snarkie (who works as a programmer for neopets) been fixed. Quote from, Sun May 30:

This was a glitch and has been fixed, sorry to report. I’d explain it but it’s a long and boring story with several plot holes and bad dialogue.
If you’re curious, the colors the Lab won’t do are: Pirate, Baby, Plushie, Usuki*, Quiguki*, and Royal*. Yes, it does Ghost.
Sorry about the confusion!

The Official Neopets Magazine, Issue No. 4 also answered this question:

Q: Can the Lab Ray change your pet to restricted or limited edition pets? Also, what colours does it NOT change your pet? – Honeybee_girl
A: Yes, the Lab Ray can turn your Neopet into a restricted or limited edition Neopet. There are a few colours that are not available from the Lab Ray, such as Usuki, Plushie, Baby, Pirate, and Royal.

Yes, it does ghost! Don’t neomail me about ghost pets! I know it does ghost, I have had several pets turn ghost!
But if you’ve had any of the other colours happen to you after these quotes were made, I’d be happy to hear about it.

Can the Lab Ray turn your pet Baby?

See previous answer. But if what you *really* want is a baby pet, buy the paint brush, not a lab map.

Can the Lab Ray turn Boris Ice?

When Ice Bories were first released TNT said that the only way to get them was by downloading the neopets toolbar.
But later they said they might change it so it would be a very rare result of the lab as well: Neopian Times Editorial, Issue: 167. Whether they did is still not confirmed or denied.
If anyone has got an Ice Bori from the lab, I’d very much like to hear about it.

Can the Lab turn your pet into a Draik or Krawk?

Again, all I officially have is this quote from The Official Neopets Magazine, Issue No. 4:

Q: Can the Lab Ray change your pet to restricted or limited edition pets? Also, what colours does it NOT change your pet? – Honeybee_girl
A: Yes, the Lab Ray can turn your Neopet into a restricted or limited edition Neopet. There are a few colours that are not available from the Lab Ray, such as Usuki, Plushie, Baby, Pirate, and Royal.

It doesn’t address draiks or krawks specifically, but it does seem like it should be possible. However, I have never heard of anyone getting those two pets. On the other hand, I know that it does turn pets into other limited edition pets, I’ve had chombies and jetsams several times.
If your goal is a Draik or a Krawk, personally; I’d rather get a potion than gamble with the ray.

Are there any stats the Lab won’t change?

The Lab does not change your pet’s intelligence, nor does it take away hitpoints (it does give hitpoints). It also does nothing to the height or weight of a pet.

What does the Lab cost?

The prices vary a lot with demand, so always check the shop wizard and trading post before making a purchase. Be ware that the map pieces are all called “Secret Laboratory Map” on the shop wizard, so when you search for them, the results will show prices for one random piece. You might need to make a lot of searches to get the right pieces.
It’s also important to know that the different pieces have different values. Some of the pieces can be worth a lot more than the others, so don’t be fooled into buying over-priced pieces.

Do you get any items or neopoints when putting the pieces together?

You get around 10,000np when you first put the put them together; that’s the “treasure”. After that you don’t get anything, only eternal access to the lab ray.

Which colours are Lab-ray only?

Robot Pets and Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle can only be achieved through the Lab Ray.
Fruit Chias can be gained from Magical Chia Pops, Fountain Faerie Quests and the Lab Ray.
Other Non-Paint Brush colours can be gained from Lab Ray or Fountain Faerie Quests. That inclueds Snot, Custard, Garlic, Chocolate and more; I won’t list them all, since there are so many.

Do some pets get better results?

Not really, but high-level pets seems to be immune to two outcomes: They don’t get “goes down to level 1” or “doesn’t change at all”.
I don’t know what level they become immune, some say 10, others claim to have it happen at level 50. I believe it’s not a set level, just be a gradual lessening in probability thoughout the scale. What I do know is that in over two years of zapping, neither ever happened to my main pet, who was between level 26 and 60 at the time.

I’ve heard that the Lab map can disappear!

There was a bug that sometimes caused people to lose their Lab Ray access. I was among the victims. However, I haven’t heard of this happening in a long time, so I do believe it has been fixed. If it does happen, send a bug report.

My pet changed gender! How do I turn it back?

Well, there are three (or three and a half) ways that I can think of.
1) Keep zapping, sooner or later it will turn back.
2) Buy a Strange Potion. These are so absurdly expensive it’s in 99 cases out of 100 better to just keep zapping.
3)If you refresh the select a pet page of the Lab Ray, you’ll eventually get the Lab Ray Scientist as a battle dome challenger. One of his weapons can change the gender of your pet. So take your pet to fight him, it might take several tries, and he can zap your pet back to the gender it used to be. Absolutely free! A million thanks to lovepughugs, who taught me this trick.
3.5) If your pet is male and you want it to turn female you can equip it with a Cape of the Sun and use this in the battledome. It does not always work, but check your pet after the battle to make sure. It ONLY works from male to female, not the other waya round.

Do the other maps lead to other Rays?

No. The other maps only give you items and neopoints. Usually they are not worth it at all. Only the Secret Lab Map leads to the Lab Ray. There is the Petpet Lab Ray, but you need the real lab map to put that together.

Can I have more than one lab map, so I can zap two pets a day?

No. You can only have one lab map on your account. But you can have several accounts with lab maps on.

I bought the lab map, thinking it would change my pets colour and species, but all it’s been doing is taking away levels and giving movement points?

A lot of people don’t make that discovery until after they’ve purchased the map. The lab isn’t a fantastic reusable paint brush. It has a wide range of features. The most fun feature is definitely having your pet change into a rare colour for free, but this is not a guarantee. Getting your pets painted takes time and patience. Since the results are completely random, it can take one zap, or it can take months. Over the time I’ve used the lab, I’ve had several foster pets painted on first zap, but I’ve also had a pet zapped every day for three months before it got painted a cool colour.

What is a foster pet?

A foster pet is a pet someone adopts from the pound for the sole purpose of using the Lab Ray on it, until it changes colour, for then putting it back in the pound for someone else to adopt.
A lot of people do this when they’ve got the results they want on their regular pets, and don’t want to adopt another pet for keeps, others do it just for the fun of it, and yet others do it while trying to get certain pet colours for avatars.
I’ve had foster pets, for all of the reasons mentioned above: Feel free to have a look at them.

How do I make an adoption agency?

Now we’re getting a bit off-topic, but I’ll answer this anyway…
You can make it anyway you want. There’s no official way to make an adoption agency, like there is with shops, so you just have to manage it on your own. And the only way to transfer a pet from one person to another is through the pound.
Keep in mind that when you put a pet in the pound, anyone can adopt it. And it’s perfectly legal for them to do so, and they are under absolutely no obligation to give it back.

Is there, like a backdoor to the lab, so you can use it without collecting the pieces?

No there isn’t.
Even if you know the URL to go to, you’ll get the message: Oops! – You cant seem to find the lab anywhere… you have to use the map! if you try going there.

Do you get better results at certain times of day?

No. Everything is completely random.
Several people have made me aware of a page with a theory about certain hours (without any documentation). I’ve tested these hours, and there is nothing special about them. Considering that I zap pets on three accounts, always within the same hour, I should be seeing patterns if there were any. There aren’t. It’s random.
But if it makes you feel better to zap at certain hours, feel free to do it. We all need rituals.

Do you get better results if your pet is Delighted, or full up with food?

No. Everything is completely random.

Do premium members get better results?

No, premium membership (paid play) does not give any advantage on Lab Results.
But if you are interested in a referral, feel free to neomail me.

My pet keeps losing levels. Can it get negative stats?

Don’t worry, your pet’s stats can’t go below 1. Even if your pet is level 1 and you get the loses two levels result, it will just remain at 1.
Update: There has been a bug recently that caused the level of pets to go to -1. It might have been fixed. Other stats won’t go negative.

I’ve seen pets with negative stats! Did the lab do that?

Did the pet look something like the pet in this screenshot? That is not caused by the lab ray. Notice that the pet’s height and weight is also negative, and those stats are not touched by the lab ray.

How much can stats change in one zap?

Levels can go up max two points in one zap, and down maximum 2 (unless you get “down to level one”, in which case it can go down a lot).
Hitpoints can go up maximum 5 points in one zap.
All other stats can go up or down max 3 point at a time.

Does your pet lose faerie abilities if its level drops below the required level to get the ability?

No, your pet won’t lose its faerie abilities.
It will however lose the Berserk Ability if it drops below level 50, but you’ll get it back if you go above 50 again.
Update: This was confirmed in the Editorial Issue 242.

Does zapping a pet prevent me from morphing or painting it in the future?

No. Zapped pets are no different from other pets in any way. Having zapped a pet does not make them immune to paint brushes, morphing and transmogrification potions or Fountain Faerie Quests, nor random events that changes its colour, like unhappy pets turning blue, or Boochi.

Does zapping a pet make it unhappy?

Like you can see in the screenshots further down, pets do appear to dislike being zapped, but it doesn’t actually change their mood at all.

How do I get a Lab Ray log like yours??

You will have to make it yourself and update it every day. Please don’t take my pictures, make your own. Feel free to look at my code if you understand it but don’t copy it straight off.
Try reading the HTML-guide for advice on tables, or search the web for the millions of other pages of HTML help. Please don’t neomail me about this, I don’t have time to help that many people.

How do you get the lab ray avatar?

If/when the lab changes your pet’s species you’ll get it. It can take a long time if you’re unlucky.