Neopets Lenny Conundrum Guide

Neopets Lenny Conundrum Guide

Basic Information: 

Lenny Conundrum
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Lenny Conundrum

Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1 points
For 1,000 NP, score 1000.
EducationalFor KidsMost ChallengingQuiz Games
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Be one of the first 250 people to guess the Lenny Conundrum correctly.
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Lenny Conundrum started on March 23rd, of 2002. At first, the first 1,000 people were awarded a prize for correctly guessing the answer. There used to be a man named “Richard the Chia” who would give anagrams as Lenny Conundrums. The number was later shortened to 500 and trophies were being awarded. The first 10 would receive a gold trophy and an item. Soon it was changed where winners all received equal shares from a prize pool of 2,000,000, where only the first 250 people received prizes including an avatar

A new Lenny Conundrum is released every Thursday or sometimes Wednesday. If you are aiming for a trophy your best bet is to complete a Lenny Conundrum puzzle during the day of release. Lenny Conundrums can be very difficult, or very easy. It really depends on what you know, and what you don’t. 


Types of Puzzles
There are many different types of puzzles, and are often tricky and deceiving. When it comes to Lenny Conundrum, you’ll often have to match your strengths in order to solve them. One Lenny Conundrum that I recall was so difficult that only two people guessed the answer! Most problems in the past have dealt with math, but there is still a large variety of other problems that tricky Lenny has befuddled us with.

  • Regular Math Problems: These are the most common problems. They’re pretty straightforward and usually deal with algebra, geometry, area, distance traveled, units of measurement, probability, time, etc. Anything that you would learn in school. Some examples of this are:
    • #23
    • #223 (Well actually this one is a little bit complicated)
    • #91

  • Neopian Knowledge: Some problems require you to have prior neopian knowledge, or some that you need to look up. It requires you to look up something in neopia. These aren’t as common today however. Some examples of this are:
  • Patterns/Sequences: This category is also very common in conundrums, and often deals with logic more than once. Here are some examples:
  • Logic: These questions are often difficult and involve some heavy duty thinking. They’re often tricky and deceiving and more than often one of the most difficult ones. Here are some examples:
  • Guessing: These are very annoying because no matter how smart you are there’s a good chance you’ll get these wrong! Here are some examples of them:
  • Word/Letter Puzzles: This is anything from anagrams to jumbles of words, etc. These deal with trying to solve a set of words. Here are some examples:
  • Other: The possibilities of the Lenny Conundrum are endless! TNT continues to present us with completely different ideas, including having to view source, and figuring out code. Though, these are very rare to begin with I must admit. Here are some examples:



Helpful Tools

Those are just a couple of sources you can use, but I’ll say again your calculator is your most valuable. Hopefully these tips will help you win a lenny conundrum. Good luck!

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