Neopets Lever of Doom Guide

Neopets Lever of Doom Guide

Are you brave enough to enter the unknown and pull a lever? Psh, I’m sure you all are. However you may want to know a few things before you go on that quest. This guide will give you the basic 411 on what you’ll need to know about this little lever (of d00m). Feel free to read on.

So where is this thing located? Well it appeared on the Virtupets Space Station on February 8, 2005. It can be found between the Grundo Warehouse and the game Splat-a-Sloth on the Virtupets map. If you need help getting there, just click the button above.

There’s a strange lever sticking out of the space station wall, with a sign that reads, ‘DO NOT PULL’. So you probably shouldn’t pull the lever. You can if you want. But you shouldn’t.

Okay, if you’re like me, you cannot resist anything that says “DO NOT *insert something ‘dangerous’ here*” It’s just asking for it. But all this thing does is steal 100 Neopoints from you. No matter how much you try, or wish, it’ll always steal 100 Neopoints. There’s a good side to this, however…if you’re lucky.

Oh no!! An evil mechanical hand emerges from a panel and steals 100 Neopoints from you!!

*tsk tsk tsk* See!? Now I bet you’re wondering what it does if you have less than 100 Neopoints. What will it do to you? Well, it does this….

How odd. Nothing happens when you pull the lever.

…yeah, nothing. Oh, remember how I was saying there’s a good side if you’re lucky? Well, here it is!

Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use Lever of Doom as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

This avatar is given out RANDOMLY when you pull the LEVER OF D00M! Shiny, and…well that’s basically it. This is the only known good side to the lever.

Well, that concludes the Lever of Doom. Dare you pull it?

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