Neopets Make Some Noise Guide for Altador Cup IX!

Neopets Make Some Noise Guide for Altador Cup IX!

The Techo super-fan is at it again — cheering as hard as he can for his favourite team and generally being very loud. Help Neopia’s most famous Yooyuball enthusiast give the sound meter a workout by tapping the two keys specified at the beginning of the game as fast as you can.

Neopets Make Some Noise


Make Some Noise is one of four games available exclusively for the Altador Cup, and probably one of the easiest to play. In this game, you play as an overly enthusiastic blue Techo cheering for your team. Your goal is to cheer as hard as you can by repeatedly tapping the two lettered keys on your keyboard as specified on the bottom left of the screen. As you tap, the needle on meter at the bottom right of the screen will continue to move towards the red zone. The faster you tap and stay in the red zone, the higher your score. If you stop tapping, your score starts to drop.

Make Some Noise

Make Some Noise Altador Cup

Occasionally, bonus keys will appear at the top of the screen. Tap those to get extra points. The number of points awarded for those varies.

The game’s maximum time limit is 30 seconds, but you can end the game prematurely by pressing the space bar. At the end of the game, a summary of the points you earned will be displayed. The “Tap Skill Rating” percentage indicates how cleanly you tap to the rhythm.

Scores submitted count for 1/15 (or 0.066667) of a point towards increasing your Altador Cup Rank.

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