Neopets Meridell War

Neopets Meridell War

The Meridell War was one of the most well constructed wars through neopian history! It’s a shame we cannot experience wars like this anymore.


War Prizes!Well the prizes have now been awarded and can be claimed by clicking here



BFM T-Shirt
Point Range : 
1 – 400
Boots of Jumping
Point Range : 
401 – 600
Exploding Acorns
Point Range : 
601 – 1100



Giant Spyder Web
Point Range : 
1101 – Unknown
Spyder Potion
Point Range : 
Kass Skeiths Shield
Point Range : 



Kass Skeiths Spear
Point Range : 
Eyrie Guard Helmet
Point Range : 
Petpet Bone
Point Range : 



War Machine
Point Range : 
Morguss Twisted Wand
Point Range : 
Lord Kass Amulet
Point Range : 



March 10th
The First Wave Is Here

Giant Spyders
Citizens of Neopia, Meridell needs your help! The evil Lord Kass has sent down Giant Spyders…. or maybe he just took normal Spyders and made them big with his evil magic… who knows. Regardless, they are eating the Meridell crops, scaring the farmers, and need to be defeated! Can you help Meridell?5,000,000 Giant Spyders were released.



March 15th
The Second Wave Has Arrived

Spyders? Pah they were only there to distract you from the REAL opponents. Skeith Soldiers have landed in the fields of Meridell and the onslaught continues…200,000 Skeith Soldiers were released.

Skeith Soldiers



March 16th
User Lookup Shields

Just a quick note to remind you about the User Lookup Shields. There was a bit of confusion over the Darigan war and not everybody kept their shields.

If you get over 10 points in this war you will be able to keep them! This means if you earn under 10 points you will lose your shield at the end!



March 18th
The Third Wave Is Here

Eyrie Guards
If you thought the Skeith Soldiers were tough you haven’t seen anything yet. This new group of challengers are mean and tough. What sort of creature do you think Lord Kass would have for a guard anyway!150,000 Eyrie Guards were released.



March 19th
The Fourth Wave Has Arrived

A new legion of evil has invaded Meridell. This time the evil is in the form of Zombie Petpets! They are overrunning the town and creating mass confusion and havoc. Watch out for these little terrors…125,000 Zombie Petpets were released.

Zombie Petpets



March 23rd
Reinforcements – Second & Third Waves Return

That dastardly Kass had a few tricks up his sleeve after all. Yes, secondary waves of Skeith Soldiers and Eyrie Guards have joined the battle. Come on, fight to save Meridell, what are you waiting for?100,000 Skieth Soldiers and Eyrie Guards were released.



March 25th
The Fifth Wave Has Begun

The ground beneath our feet is shaking with the force of Lord Kass’s next attack! The war machines are moving across Meridell tearing everything apart. How many of our soldiers are left that can fight these monstrous machines?!?!100,000 War Machines were released.

War Machines



March 30th
The Sixth Wave Is Here With Reinforcements

Zombified Peasants
Kass’s second in command, the evil hag Morguss has been working her magic on the peasants of Meridell. The Sixth Wave features Zombified Peasants!25,000 Zombie Peasants were released.100,000 Skieth Soldiers, Eyrie Guards and Zombie Petpets were released.
50,000 War Machines were released.

It appears that more of the previous waves were also released! Kass really is trying very hard to defeat Meridell! You will not be allowed to withdraw from battles for the rest of the war. 


April 13th
The Seventh Wave Has Begun

BlugthakWe told you that Kass had tricks up his sleeves… yes, a huge four-armed two-headed brute has just been spotted in Meridell, and he’s smashing everything to pieces! What’s more, he seems to be getting stronger! Help King Skarl out, he needs every last one of you!
10,000 Blugthaks were released.







The Plot

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Released: February 2nd Released: February 5th Released: February 6th
Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
Released: February 10th Released: February 16th Released: February 19th
Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9
Released: February 27th Released: March 4th Released: March 9th
Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12
Released: March 17th Released: March 24th Released: April 5th
Chapter 13 Chapter 14
Released: April 15th Released: May 1st


OpponentsEach one-player opponent has it’s own set of weapons, as well as different starting HP, how many battle points they are worth, their difficulty and how much HP the pet will increase by after each victory. All of these details can be seen below for each opponent!

Giant Spyders
Points per victory: 1
Starting HP: 16
HP increase per battle: 1
Difficulty: 12

Enchanted Cobweb
Frozen Collar
Rainbow Frost Cannon
Scary Spider
Slime Potion
Trapped Snow Wurm

Skeith Soldiers
Points per victory: 3
Starting HP: 40
HP increase per battle: 3
Difficulty: 30

Attack Fork
Forest Arrow
Genie Orb
Grand Lightning Beam
Rainbow Frost Cannon
Skeith Soldier Shield
Skeith Soldier Spear
Supersize Ultimate

Eyrie Guards
Points per victory: 5
Starting HP: 65
HP increase per battle: 6
Difficulty: 65

Dehydration Potion
Eyrie Guard Shield
Eyrie Guard Sword
Firey Spine Of Death
Radioactive Muffin
Supersize Ultimate

Zombie PetPets
Points per victory: 10
Starting HP: 120
HP increase per battle: 13
Difficulty: 120

Blood Grub
Exploding Pizza Pasty
Freezing Potion
Ghost Slime
Green Scorchstone
Lava Arrow
Stone Snowball
Supersize Gargantuplex

War Machines
Points per victory: 25
Starting HP: 180
HP increase per battle: 18
Difficulty: 180

Hand Painted Scarab
Jade Scorchstone
Mystical Fish Lobber
Spear Of Doom
Supersize Gargantuplex
Thyoras Tear

Zombified Peasants
Points per victory: 50
Starting HP: 240
HP increase per battle: 24
Difficulty: 210

Battle Slices
Combo Battle Mirror
Dusty Broom
H4000 Helmet
Jade Scorchstone
Peasants Torch
Supersize Gargantuplex

Points per victory: 250
Starting HP: 1200
HP increase per battle: 50

Downsize Power Plus
Dung Catapault
Freezing Potion
Jade Scorchstone
Portable Kiln
Sword of Skardsen
Werelupe Claws

Lord Kass
Points per victory: 10,000 (First only)
Starting HP: 45,000
HP increase per battle: 10,000
Difficulty: 4000

Evil Hubrid Statue
Lord Kass Battle Armour
Lord Kass Battle Shield
Prismatic Mirror
Wand of the Dark Faerie
Werelupe Claw







Points System
Once you have obtained at least one battle point, this shield will be proudly displayed upon your user-lookup, along with a rank, depending on how many battle points you have obtained throughout the duration of the war.Peasant: 1-4
Serf: 5-9
Squire: 10-19
Herald: 20-49
Man-At-Arms: 50-99
Apprentice: 100-199
Journeyman: 200-499
Defender: 500-999
Warrior: 1,000-4,999
Knight: 5,000-9,999
Champion: 10,000-24,999
Baron: 25,000-49,999
Hero: 50,000- 99,999
Lord: 100,000- unknown 



XXXX’s ScreeniesYep, here we have it, the first screenies by xxxx and his pet KataminKhole of the Meridell War. You will not find these anywhere else. You’ve seen it here first!
These Screenies were allowed for use solely here, so if you see it anywhere else it’s just a cheap immitation!
We thank him greatly for choosing this site in order to be the first to show his screenies!KataminKhole Vs. Giant Spyders
This is the 10,000th victory over the Giant Spyders. Also the first of it’s kind, as no-one has
yet to beat 10,000 other than xxxx himself.




ord Kass’ DestructionThe forces of Lord Kass are making their way around Meridell, leaving destruction and madness in their wake.
So far, the following seven different places in Meridell and the surrouding
area, Meri Acres Farm have been destroyed.

Cheese Roller

Guess The Weight

Kiss The Mortog


Potato Counter


Ye Olde Petpets







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