Neopets Mysterious Negg Cave

Neopets Mysterious Negg Cave

The Neopets Mysterious Negg Cave provides you with a daily challenge. Each Neopets Mysterious Negg Cave is different, ranging from easy to hard challenges each day.  To access:  Neopets Mysterious Negg Cave

 How to Play


You will see a screen like this. There are 5 parts you need to know:
The Red Section : This section will give you a certain amount of hints. What patterns to use and/or what colours to put on them.
The Pink Section:  This section will specify the hints and show you exactly what patterns are being used in this challenge.
The Blue Section: This section is where you will be putting the colours and patterns via the hints. 
The Orange Section: This section shows you the patterns- only 3 of the same pattern are allowed. 
The Green Section:  This section shows you the colours- only 3 of the same colour is allowed, one per pattern. 

Firstly, look at the red section to see what hints this challenge gives you. So here are three boxes with different shapes and patterns. You will try to match them up so that you are able to put all the patterns/colours together.

Looking at the patterns you can see that the bottom right hand is the same patterns as the bottom top which is marked by the orange squares and the top left side and the bottom right side at the same which is marked by the red squares.
You would then put those into the Mysterious Negg for example:

colour-9058025The only thing left now is to figure out what the top right hand corner one is and this is fairly easy. All you need to do is work out which pattern has not been used 3 times and what colour has not been used 3 times. Can you work it out?

finished-3904027 When you finish and have completed it correctly you will see something like this pop up. (Hopefully along with the avatar.)


You can win many prizes including the following items, Battledome challenger and an avatar (If you are lucky):

A Nimmo Music Extravaganzaboo_music_nimmo-4028988
Aisha Cheeseburgerfoo_aisha_burgerwcheese-3053756
Bottle of Shenkuu Inksch_shenkuu_bottleofink-6371858 
Extreme Shenkuuboo_extreme_shenkuu-7134744
Angry Emoticon Hearts
Aquatic Arrangementklc_shellpot_pearlseaweed-4267038
Blue Ruki Plushieplushie_ruki_blue-8904153 
Brown Rice Bowlhfo_bowlbrownrice-2789608
Artichoke Dumplingsfoo_green_dumpling-7950411
Boots of Leapingshw_srr_boots-3694483 
Ancient Shenkuu Cannonshw_shenkuu_cannon-2074970
Biyako shpp_biyako_white-7188696
Bag of Infinite Neggsbd_ice19-6153096
 Cyodrake Scratching Postpps_cyodrake_post-7883338
CoffChai Blended Tea
Baby Scorchio Plushieplu_scorchio_baby-2645234
Aisha Riceball foo_aisha_riceballplain-5850703
Cobrall Rootmed_snake_root-1849354
Fruity Taffycan_saltwater_taffy-7565794
  Dark Vine Potionmpo_hunger_potion-7116994
Fresh Bamboo Chairbam_chair-9052631
 Camouflage Ruki Marionettetoy_ruki_camomarionette-8587891
Creamy Stick Biscuitcan_chocpock-9988049
Chilli Stir Fryshf_chili_stirfry-9489344
Chocolate Kougra Puddingfoo_kougra_choco-6007127
Cyodrakes Gaze Keychaingif_keychain_cyodrakesgaze-9216812
Fruit and Vegetable Hand Rollshf_hand_roll-9975389
Gold Gem Negg gif_negg_goldgem-1-3564984
Iced Soy Chai Latte
Grilled Stuffed Tofu
Neggy Custard Piefoo_neggcustard-5146315
Exotic Ingredients of Shenkuuboo_shenkuu_exoticfood-4422904
Exotic Fried Noodles shf_fried_noodles-1392268
Negg Noodlesshf_negg_noodles-9577209
Green Cyodrake Plushie plu_cyo_green-5201037
 Karate for Beginnersbook_karate-9693157
Negg Latte  coff_negg_latte-5882193
Kentari Stampsta_kentarifly-3307222
Kazeriu shpp_kazeriu_purple-8160441
Hair Chopsticksgro_hair_sticks-5260884
Pandaphant Puppettoy_pandaphant_puppet-9952684
Paper Daggershw_paper_dagger-4620045
Pygui Nesting Dolltoy_pygui_nestingdoll-5216600
Shenkuu City Stamp  sta_shenku-9593945
Lucky Pandaphant Dollgif_luckypandaphant_doll-4808578 
Pygui Hand Puppettoy_pygui_puppet-1832761
Linae Stampsta_linae-2954154
Red Poogle Morphing Potion pot_poog_red-1569534
Nimmo – Now and Zenboo_nowandzen_nimmo-8993559
Relaxing Shenkuu Rock Garden bg_shenkuu_relaxrockgard-9506454
Quintilc Throwing Star
 Parasol of Unfortunate Demiseshw_parasol_unfortunate-5766503
Purple Hasee Plushietoy_hasee_purple-1598845
The Battledome Challengerclose_205-1300066
The AVATAR!! nfy14-7231660
Awarded Randomly while playing.

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