Neopets Mystery Pic Guide

Enter the Neopets Mystery Pic for your chance to win Neopoints and an item. In Neopets Mystery Pic you need to figure out what the myster picture is of and submit your answer. Simple!

Mystery Picture Competition

Every Wednesday and Friday Neopets launches a new Neopets Mystery Pic game. The Neopets Mystery Pic is an image that has been uploaded from anywhere on the site, cropped and enlarged (150 x 150) for you to try and guess. Everyone that guesses the correct answer will share a part of the 2,000,000 prize pool and the first 250 people that correctly guess the answer will be awarded with an item.

Neopets Mystery Pic Answers

If you get the Neopets Mystery Pic Answer correctly, you will be rewarded:

1-10 you receive a Gold trophy

11-50 you receive a Silver trophy

51-250 you receive a Bronze trophy

If you know what the answer is all you need to do is type it into the box to submit.  For example; if you think it is the tail of a red Scorchio, then type in ‘red scorchio tail‘. The Neopets program will try to correctly match your words with theirs.

This is an example of round 1439. First you would see the blurred image. Shrinking the image down will give you a clear view. Then you need to look around Neopia and try to find where that image would show up.


As mentioned, the location of these images can be anywhere on Neopets.


  •  Crop the picture and make it 12 x 12 instead of 150 x 150 for a clearer image.
  •  You are not allowed to share the answer.
  • Use your Neofriends to narrow down the search by having specific sections allocated to each person.