Neopets Neodeck Collector Guide

Neopets Neodeck Collector Guide

Neodeck Collector Cards 


You may have noticed that on every lookup there is a sign of a silver rectangle:

This is the Neodeck. This is one of the few collections that don’t enter on any Neopets competition so there are not prizes or spotlights. However, some people like to collect these cards and aim either to a thematic Neodeck or to have all the cards ever created.
My Album
This shows the cards you currently possess, by order, and the empty spaces for the cards you still need.
My Cards
This shows the cards you own and the number you have on your neodeck.
This link will only appear if you own a Premium account. A link under your regular Neoquest cards on the lookup will also appear. This is a collection of cards that can’t be removed and that show for how long you have been a premium member. A card is released every month, though some of them can be late. When you cancel your Premium account all your cards will be removed and the link will no longer show.



All Cards
This contains the Collectable Card Spoiler List. Here are listed all the 366 collectable cards, with their name, rarity and picture. You can search by Neopets Species, which is very useful if you wish to make a thematic Neodeck.

Cards feature many Neoquest characters and other characters that do not exist out of the cards (and that may be used on plots, eventually)

Do not mistake the Neocards for the TCG collectable cards. For more information on these, please click here 


Rarity List
This will give you a pop-up with the meaning of the back colors of the cards. Each colors stands for a different rarity and, consequently, a different price.

36 Cards
A Two Rings Crusader; Amazonian Kyrii; Angry Kiko; Assassin; Berserker; Boraxis the Healer; Breadoch Big Foot; Chimi Magi; Desert Flower; Doctor; Doirn; Erick; Fire Breathing Meerca; Flaming Wuzzle; Florg the Devourer; Gargoyle Troop; Geirrod Sternhoof; Ghartun The Grundo Commander; Gors the Mighty; Gorunda the Wise; Guardian of Fire Magic; Hagar Mountbane; Hot Pepper; Jeuru Stripedmane; Kau Korabric; Kraag the Korbat Leader; Lhika Burrtail; Li-sha; Lord Luparn; Lost Soul; Lummock Sendent; Lupe Warrior; M*ynci; Malkus Vile; Mokti; Moogi; Morax Dorangis; Mr Irgo; Neoquest Hero; Nereid the Water Faerie; Pteri Champion; Quiggle Strongman; Quiggle Warlord; Rhiannon; Riyella; Rollay Scaleback; Sharpeye; Silvertail; Slychi the Skeith Invader; Space Techo; Spectral Elemental; Sticks and Stones; The Lava Ghoul; Two Rings Archmagus; Two Rings Warlock; Tyrannian Wocky; Uggaroo; Uggsul; Undead Cybunny; Uugbah Sharp Spear; Uzarro; Velvet Pimpernel; Venuquin; Zafara Assassin.

56 Cards
Admiral Arvakis; Alabaster; Alhazad the Trader; Antikia Lighten; Aurora the Healer; Captain Dread; Choras Tillie; Denethrir; Eleus Batrin; Flutter; Flying Shoyru; Fuhnah The Fire Faerie; Gali Yoj; Godfried the Good; Green Scale; Grundo Chef; Gutan Kai; Hagalugg; Haiki-Lu; Highland Chia; Island Mystic; Jannen; Jelly Chia; Kargrax the Defender; Kasuki Lu; Meerca Menace; Midas; Moehawk; Mrs. Prenderghast; Neopian Tank Patrol 45; Otona, Protector of the Seas; Pomanna; Professor Chesterpot; Psellia the Air Faerie; Rayn Trueshot; Rikti; Ruali; Ryshiki; Samuel No Eyes; Sarkif; Scorchio Mage; Sir Cheekalot; Sir Kachilan the Brave; Solar Fyre; Temple Watchman; The Phantom; The Stuff Collectable Card; Trrygdorr; Tyran Far; Tyrela Softpaw; Undead Grundo Shopkeeper; Underwater Chef; Usinda; Wrawk the Merciless; Xantan the Foul; Xenia, Master Prankster.

26 Cards
Advisor Wessle; Bacheek; Chiazilla; Fire Paw; Frostburn the Chia; Glug Glug Jones; Grarrl Battlemaster; Hubert the Hot Dog Salesman; Lady Osiri; Leirobas; Liandra; Magnus the Torch; Nadia the Peophin of Love; Plesio; Rock Beast; Tehuti; The Archmagus of Roo; The Auction Genie; The Battle Faerie; The Gate Keeper; The Tooth Faerie; Two Rings Wizard; Ukkrah the Fire Grarrl; Uncle Tharg; Yes Boy Ice Cream; Zafara Hero

38 Cards
2 Gallon Hatz; Brack, Cactus Farmer; Chen-Ra Son of the Sun; Chuffer Bob; Count Von Roo; Feemix the Korbat Scout; Giant Grackle Bug; Gog; Grarrg; Grarrl Keno Card; Guardian of Shock Magic; Kalora the Kau; Keergo; Kharlos; King Coltzan III; Korbats Lab Card; Kyruggi; Lavender; Lenny Curator; Luperus; Lustra the Golden Peophin; Medieval Pteri; Myncha; Mystical Hissi Knight; Niten Hiroru; Plains Aisha; Princess Fernypoo; Rhan Tyr; Ryshu; Senator Barca; Shadow Usul; Shoonee; The Esophagor; The Fontaine Sisters; Tylix; Umma Bunga; Zephiea the Nature lover; Zyrolon Purple
36 Cards
Bazri The Grundo; Beerlap III; Blarthrox; Brista Lightfeet; Bruce Avenger; Bug Eye McGee; Buzz Alchemist; Captain Astounding; Captain Threelegs; Edna the Witch; Electro-Boy; Farlax V; Gelert Pack; Grackle the Chia Bomber; Grargadon; Grimilix; Iyana the Earth Faerie; Kiko Explorer; King Roos Nemesis; Money Tree; Pacha The Vet; Scorchio Mummy; Scratch Card Kiosk Wocky; Shahuaga The Red; Sir Skeithalot; Tazzalor; The Navigator; The Negg Faerie; The Wall; Tonunishiki; Tug-O-War Card; Umbus Alta; Undead Farmer; Ursula Usul; Valkyrie; Wesley Clearheart

51 Cards
00 Hog; A Light Faerie; Armin the Small; Berti the Creator; Bruce Avenger; Buzz Avenger; Capara; Chomby and the Fungus Balls; Commander Garoo Card; Daedelon; Deserted Fairground Card; Dr_Death; Draik Paladin; Eureka; Evil Sloth Clone #32; Faleinn; Gadgadsbogen Festival; Galem Darkhand; Garon the Lupe; General Crustygums; Ghi Pharun; Gragarex the Grarrl Trooper; Grey Faerie Card; Guardian of Life Magic; Guardian of Spectral Magic; Hasee Bounce Card; Imperius Flare; Ixi Lancer; Judge Hog; King Hagan of Brightvale; LDPBSTSCC; Lenny Superhero; Maelstra The Dark Faerie; Magax: Destroyer; Maitre D; Maths Nightmare; Meerouladen and Hermeedjet; Meuka; Mutant Aisha Twins; Mysterious Aisha Sorceress; Rainbow Fountain Card; Remnok the Nomad; Senator Palpus; Sir Fufon Lui; Sophie the Swamp Witch; Spectre; The Lupe Collector; The Masked Intruder; The Snowager; The Space Faerie; The Spider Grundo; Tyragh the Tyrannian Buzz

69 Cards
Branston the Eyrie; Captain Xelqued; Champion; Cherlops, Protector of Garn; Deckswabber; Draconus Maximus; Draik Warrior; Duel Bazuka; Enchanted Ixi; Extreme Herder; Garrox5 The Grundo Trooper; Gedda Happycheek; Ghoul Catchers; Gilly the Usul; Grarrl and Jubjub; Grotson; Guardian of Ice Magic; Hubrid Nox; Illusen the Earth Faerie; Iskha Lightbringer; Jahbal; Jhudora the Dark Faerie; Kau Seer; Kauvara; Khan the Unstoppable; King Roo; Korosu Crestscar; Krawk card; Krawk Swashbuckler; Kreai; Kyrii Sorceror; Lord Darigan; Lord Kass Card; Margoreth; Marillis Harbane; Master Vex; Mechachiazilla; Mechanoid Warrior; Medieval Princess; Meruth; Mr. Chuckles; Neopet Version Two; Nocan Vish; Princess Sankara; Princess Vyssa; Professor Kachevski; Punchbag Bob; Sargug; Scauderwelsch; Sergeant Brexis; Shylock Usulski; Siona; Sir Borodere; Space Krawk; Stan the Kyrii; Swamp Ghoul; Taelia The Snow Faerie; The Brain Tree; The Great Blurendo; The Incredible Grarrl; The Pant Devil; The Shop Wizard; The Soup Faerie; The Tax Beast; Treasure Seekers; Wock Til You Drop; Zafara Double Agent; Zeirn the Electric Kougra; Zygorax

25 Cards
Alstaf Poogle; Arlhox VII; Balthazar the Bounty Hunter; Brucey B; Calabrus the Cloud Aisha; Captain Astounding (H); Dr. Frank Sloth; Electro-Boy (H); Fyora The Faerie Queen; Gargon IV; Jasper Gen; Little Timmy; Neopian Times 200th Anniversary Card; Orig the Great; Shreegla VI; Snow Wars Collectable Card; Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop Card; The Hairy Tongue Beast; The Incredible Grarrl (H); The Marvellous Stretchy Chia; The Monoceraptor; The Monocerous; The Storyteller; The Wall (H)

Here is a list of the cards with prices. 


Card Curiosities

There are 4 avatars related to Collectable Cards:

Kasuki Lu Heeyah! – To get this avatar you need to beat Kasuki Lu on the Battledome. To get him as opponent have the “Kasuki Lu” card on your neodeck and view it.

Fire Kougra – Place the “Fire Paw” card on your neodeck

Niten Hiroru – Place the “Niten Hiroru” card on your neodeck and see this Neopedia Article

Galem Darkhand – Search for the item “Galem Darkhand” (which is a neocard) or just click Here

Rare Cards
The rarest card, that nobody owns, is The Marvelous Stretchy Chia holographic card.

Storyteller is only attained by buying it or by winning each 100th Storytelling competition.

Alstaf the Poogle is only attained by buying it or by winning each 100th Poetry competition

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