Neopets Neolodge Guide

Neopets Neolodge Guide


The Neolodge is a great place to leave your pets if you’re going on a vacation yourself and can’t take your pets with you. Every different lodge feeds your pet to their heart’s content no matter what hotel they choose! You can send anywhere to 5 neopoints to 15,680 Neopoints.

This is the best place to keep your pets if you can’t take care of them. Ifanyone offers to take your account to keep your pets safe it is a scam! Do not ever give your pets to anyone! Your pet will be completely safe in the Neolodge.

When registering your pet for the hotel you have several options to choose from. Would you like to give your pet a luxiourious vacation or nasty, disgusting one? The choices you have are between:

  1. Which pet you want to stay in the Lodge.
  2. Type of Hotel.
  3. Extra luxuries.
  4. # of nights to stay.

Here’s some information on each one to help you.

  • Which pet?: I think this is self-explanatory. You can click a little arrow and click some little words right? 
  • Hotel Type: The different hotels vary from the 5 neopoint a night Cockroach to the 500 neopoints a night Astrovilla! Here are the stars to tell you the difference.
  • Extra Luxuries: Each extra luxuries cost 5 neopoints a piece. You can choose as many luxuries as you’d like or absolutely none depending how much money you’re wishing to throw- give away.
    • Restaurant
    • Burger Bar
    • Fitness Center
    • Maid Service
    • En-Suite Bathroom
    • Jacuzzi/Spa
    • Grooming
    • Tennis Courts
    • Swimming Pool
    • Sauna
    • Laundry Facilties
  • # of nights to stay: Pretty self explanatory.

The payment is the total cost of the extra luxuries added to the basic hotel cost multiplied by the # of nights staying in the hotel. Simple and clean as that!

While your pet is in the Neolodge your pet will be fully bloated and will have no need to feed your pet! Actually the hotel will be insulted by the fact that you don’t trust their food and will not let you feed your pet at all. However you can play with your pet while in the Neolodge.

Hope your pet has fun in the Neolodge! Remember, Pet Sitters away for the Neolodge is here to stay!

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