Neopets Neoquest 2 Guide

Neopets Neoquest 2 Guide


Neoquest 2 (click to play)
Game ratio:

Beat Devilpuss in Chapter 5

Beat the Bionic Cybunny in Chapter 5
Lose to a plain lupe in chapter 1.
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“Live in your world, get eaten by a vampire bearog in mine,” Mr. Insane. I am 11813243 (Jonathan Frankle) and I welcome you to my guide on how to play Neoquest II. I am currently a freelance guide writer and Neoquest II expert. I am not brilliant, nor am I one of the great champions of Neoquest II. I do know how the game is played though. This guide will teach you the basics of Neoquest II. I hope it will help you to defeat Terask II and save Neopia! 


Introduction to Neoquest II
Neoquest II is Neopia’s favorite adventure game. It was created by Mr. Insane after the huge popularity for Neoquest I. Neoquest is a role playing game where you start out with a young blumaroo named Rohane. You will pick up three other characters on your journeys. One is an acara named Mipsy, another is an eyrie named Talina, and finally a techo named Velm. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses. There are five stages and each have a final boss and mini bosses. The stages take place in Meridell, Terror Mountain, Lost Desert, Haunted Woods and Faerieland. Below, you will find all of the information regarding every facet of how to play Neoquest II.



Movement in Neoquest II
Here is what your movement control looks like. It has every major direction that you will need in Neoquest II. Clicking the top arrow will take you in the upwards direction, or north. Clicking the bottom arrow will take you towards the bottom of the screen one space. Down is known as south. The left arrow is east and the right arrow is west. Northwest is the arrow between north and west. The same applies to southwest, northeast, and southeast. This is how I will be referring to the directions in the guide. Your icon on a small map grid will be a blumaroo. If it has armour, it will show up on the icon. The icon will not change as the game continues, even if you get more characters in your party. The map will have different territorial marks. Rocks and anything that looks like a wall are impassible. Columns are also impassible. Trees and foliage are passable. Trees and foliage within towns are not passable. Water pools are passable but water is not. Try and see if something is passable or not if you are unsure. The first time playing this game will teach you a lot about it. If you see a square with a town, stairway, or cave, it will lead you to a different map.



Other Game Controls
There will be two main menus in the game that you will rely on. The first is above the map and navigational area. It shows character hit points, levels, a link to skills and your experience. If the hit points are in the red area, you need to heal badly. There are two ways to heal. One is to sleep at an inn. This will heal you completely. The other way is to use healing potion. It will heal you for the designated amount of hit points. Your experience is points that you gain when you defeat enemies. There will be more on this later in this guide. On the right side underneath the navigational area is a sidebar. Directly underneath the navigational area is a series of links that says travel: normal hunting. Normal will be in bold. Normal means that there is a normal chance of running into monsters. Hunting means that you have a higher chance of running into monsters. Hunting is good if you want to gain experience. Below that, there are two options which are options and main. In later stages there will also be a cutscenes link. None of these links will be of any importance to you in your playing Neoquest II. Below that is a phrase that shows you where you are. Below that is a commands menu. The only link will be your inventory. There will be more links later. If you click on your inventory, it will open a new page. It will show different items and actions that you can use them for. Healing potions can be won in battles and bought. Items can be equipped to increase offensive and defensive abilities. They can be found in battles on rare occasions and they can be bought at shops for a price. Another link that will come up when next to Non-Player-Characters (the Neopets that you see that will not join you but will talk to you) is the talk to whoever you are next to. This could lead you to learn about the area which you are in, give you a new quest, allow you to trade items with them and some will join your party and fight for you. Below that is the final area of the sidebar. It shows your gold pieces. Gold pieces are the money in Neoquest II. You get them from monsters. You can use it to buy items.



You will know when you are in a battle because a screen will come up that says “You have been attacked by a something.” Once in the battle screen, you will see the enemy or enemies on top and your party on the bottom. Your opponents HP will be under their picture and your parties HPs will be above the pictures. The area in between is what I call the battle area. You will notice that under your and your opponents’ pictures is a label. It says Next Turn: XX.XX. That tells you who will get to attack in what order. XX.XX is the amount of time till the characters turn. It is not real time though. In the battle area, during one of your characters turns, you will have options. In the upper left hand corner, you will see the buttons Attack, Flee, Do Nothing, and 1, 3, and 5. Attack will do a basic attack that does basic HP damage to your opponent. Flee will make your party attempt to flee from the fight and end it without any gain and whatever health was lost. Sometimes it will say “You try to flee, but your way is blocked. Then the order changes and you are still in a battle. The numbers are under the Do Nothing Category. They mean that you will do nothing for one, three, or five seconds. In the lower left hand corner of the battle area, you will find a list of all of the healing potions, what they heal you for, and how many of each type of potion you have. If during one of your characters turns, you click on a potion link, it will go to the next turn and that character will heal for the amount that the potion heals or to full HP if the character has not lost that much. Sometimes, there will be links to the right of the healing links. These are special attacks. With Rohane, you will never use the special attacks. I will explain what the links do when the time comes that you will need to use them. If you are battling multiple enemies, you will need to select which enemy you are attacking by clicking on the enemy’s picture. There is a need to understand what happens when one of your characters loses their entire HP. They will die and will not be able to fight. There are three ways to deal with this. Healing potions will NOT help someone who has died. The first way is to hope that the character has gained enough experience to get a new level. The second is to take them to an inn within a town or other map which will heal all of your characters to full HP for a price. In certain locations, you can heal for free! The third is to use a resurrection potion. This is expensive but good to have in case. They will heal the character a certain percent of their HP back. That is how you can bring back a character from the dead. If all of your characters die, you will lose half of your gold and go back to the last place you rested. This is O.K. in the beginning but you can’t die in the end without a price. Boss fights are very different from normal fights. First of all, all bosses except for two are alone, which gives you and advantage. The bosses are usually a review of all of the special attacks that the monsters in the area around the boss have. A boss usually has three to ten times the HP of the monsters in the area of the boss. It is important to remember when battling a boss to keep all character’s HPs up because if you lose a character, it will lead to other characters dying as well.



Ends of Battles, Leveling Up and Skill Points
After the battle, if you win, you will see a button in the place of the attack/next turn button that says end fight. If you click that, you will be taken to a screen where it will say that your characters have gained X experience points, you have found X gold pieces, and it will say that you gained a potion if you are lucky. Once you go back to the main map by clicking the return to map button, you will see your experience bars. Once you get a certain amount of experience, your level will increase. You can only go to a maximum of level 60. When your level increases, the characters whose levels increase will deal more damage when attacking. It will also earn that character a skill point. Skill points can be spent to upgrade a certain skill with the character. If you click on a character’s skills link on the top bar, you will go to the skills menu where you can buy skill upgrades with your skill points. There are explanations about each of these skills at the bottom of the skills menu. You can put a maximum of 15 skill points on one skill and once you use a skill point, you can’t get it back.

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