Neopets Nerkmid Guide

Neopets Nerkmid Guide

Nerkmids… Nerkmids. Nerkmids! o_0
a page filled with information about them…


What are nerkmids?

I quoteth Neopets:

Nerkmids are a type of currency used to pay for the Alien Vending Machine located in the Neopian Bazaar.

In other terms- there’s a vending machine owned by alien aishas (more about them later). You insert a nerkmid of any sort (the rarer the nerkmid the better the prize I suppose) into it. Press a few buttons and levers and voila! You have now received something worthy (a paint brush perhaps) or something er… not so worthy (gross food worth 10 NP)! ^^; So now that you know what nerkmids are, when did they appear? Who are alien aishas? Read on…

The History of Nerkmids

Info found from the Old News Archive.

July 10th 2000 — Nerkmids now can be found through a random event. There’s a mention of an Alien Aisha Vending Machine, but it didn’t exist. yet.

July 13th 2000 — The chance of getting a nerkmid has improved “threefold”. The Alien Aisha Vending Machine will be working in a couple of hours.

May 12th & 13th 2001 — There was a Super Vending Machine where you still needed to use the nerkmids, but it dispensed apparently rare food, collectable cards, and NP (etc.?). There was a link to it, but it was broken. x(

May 14th 2001 — You could get a golden nerkmid in the Super Vending Machine.

May 24th 2001 — Same mention as for May 14th 2001.

June 7th 2001 — Following Saturday will be last day to get your golden and platinum nerkmids from the Super Vending Machine.

June 14th 2001 — Trophies are given out (and still are today).

January 28th 2002 — Prizes have improved.

December 4th 2002 — Alien Aishas have come up with new recipes (more gross foods galore to be won from the Vending Machine).

January 2nd 2004 — The Alien Aisha avatar is released. *cough* *cough* rise in nerkmids *cough* *cough*

Buying Nerkmids

There are quite a few things you should consider before buying a nerkmid.
1.) Have at least 100k 2.) Overcome your fear of spending at least 100k for a nerkmid that may get you a gross food which you will sell for 200 NP
If you have these things, continue on, reading…


Decide on where to buy the nerkmids. The Shop Wizwas the fastest way of buying a nerkmid years ago when nerkmids were actually buyable. Now, they are mostly available on the trading post or auctions.

Auctions: People might auction off nerkmids for cheaper prices so if you are patient, you might find a good deal there. You just have to err… outbid those who want that nerkmid, too.

Trading Post: This is where the nerkmids will usually be. If you have valuable items, like codestones, that are easy to sell, you might be able to pay less in actual np. If not, then you’ll have to dish out the current going price of nerkmids. Inflation is inevitable. Over the years, prices have steadily increased. I won’t post any set amount, because then I’ll keep having to update this page that still gets small amount of views daily. :)

Shop Wizard: It’ll probably take you some time, and not to mention quite a bit of luck, to find a nerkmid that is buyable now (99,999 np or less). Since nerkmids can be found in random events, people who do not know their current worth can get them and sell them in their shops. Of course, this is sad for them, but good for you. Before buying a nerkmid, you might want to check the shop wizard first and see if luck is on your side. Good luck. :)


So, now, there’s the question to what nerkmid you should buy. It’s said that the better the nerkmid the better the prize, but I’ve used a Magical Golden Nerkmid and got a paint brush. When I’ve used an Ultra Nerkmid, I got a gross food worth 250 NP so in my opinion, it’s all luck (or maybe whatever levers and buttons you press).

Here is a list of all nerkmids. I’d say the golden ones are cheaper than the others. Check the trading post to compare prices before buying.
List compiled thanks to the use of the NeoItems Items Database.

Basic Golden Nerkmid
Normal Golden Nerkmid
Magical Golden Nerkmid
Ultra Golden Nerkmid
Golden Nerkmid XX
Lesser Nerkmid
Average Nerkmid
Good Nerkmid
Super Nerkmid
Ultra Nerkmid
Ultimate Nerkmid
Ultra Platinum Nerkmid
Normal Platinum Nerkmid
Basic Platinum Nerkmid
Platinum Nerkmid XX
Platinum Nerkmid X
Magical Platinum Nerkmid

Using Nerkmids

Once, you buy your precious nerkmid, you, of course, have to use it! Go to the Alien Aisha Vending Machine and under the machine there will be a button, so press that.

It will say,
Put a Nerkmid in the machine, and it will dispense rare and exotic foods for your pet. Press the buttons and push the levers for a chance to get a rarer treat!

The Beautiful Vending Machine

The machine will ask you some questions which you will have to answer in order to use the nerkmid properly. Here are the questions… The text in brackets — [ and ] — tell what you can choose from the dropdown menu that’s next to the question being asked.

Which nerkmid do you use? [ –choose nerkmid that you bought– ]

Which large button do you press? [ 1, 2, or 3 ]

Which small button do you press? [ Left green, Left red, Left pink, Right red, Right blue, Right purple ]

How many times do you press it? [ 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 ]

How many levers do you pull? [ 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 ]

As you can probably see, the questions being asked are totally related to the machine’s look itself (i.e. There are 6 levers.}.

Getting a better prize is in my opinion just pure luck so don’t get all logical with your answers.


The best thing about using a nerkmid is to come after using it! The prizes after all! Here I will tell you want prizes you can win from the Alien Aisha Vending Machine.

Note: Each time you use a nerkmid, you will get NPand an item.

NP: You will receive a certain amount of neopoints. I’ve gotten as little as 49 NP! [ see also trophy part ]

Gross foods: Alien aishas are experts in gross foods and they adore giving them out as prizes. What you necessarily think of them is your point of view, but usually gross foods sell for very little.

Gourmet foods: Some gross foods are also gourmet foods!

Paint brushes: When an alien aisha runs out of gross foods and you’re lucky enough, you can get a paint brush or a petpet paint brush! As for what type, you can probably get any kind of paint brush. I’ve seen a person get a Plushie Paint Brush! I’ve gotten a Grey Paint Brush from the Alien Aisha Vending Machine so anything is possible.

Bottled Faeries: Again, if the alien aishas run out of gross foods, you may receive a bottled faerie. I know, these are usually quite a bummer because youcould have received a paint brush or at least another nerkmid. Instead, you received a bottled faerie which, depending on its type, is worth around 4k on the Shop Wiz. At least it’s better than a gross food, right? D:

Nerkmids: Just like when an alien aisha runs out of gross foods, you may receive another nerkmid. Most nerkmids are unbuyables and their prices vary, but you can sell them for a nice profit! Or of course, you can try your luck at the vending machine… again.

Alien Aisha Avatar: If it’s your first time using a nerkmid, you will get the Alien Aisha Avatar! Besides that, you will of course get NP and an item. This is basically the reason nerkmids are gradually inflating. You can thank the new users and the avatar. :)

Trophy: If you’re lucky, you can receive a Vending Machine Trophy. Click here for the high scores. The high scores are the amount of NP you received from the vending machine. If you are aiming for this pretty nice trophy, buy a nerkmid ahead of time, safekeep it until the monthly reset scores which come when a new month begins. Why? It’ll be a lot easier to achieve a high score during that time than when using a nerkmid any other time of the month. Good luck!

Alien Aishas

What can we find out about alien aishas? Where are they from? Who are they? The answers to these questions and many more will be answered to the best of my ability. xD

Captain Xelqued

An alien aisha who was a part of the Aisha Myriad plot (the leader probably). Read all about it here. He has a collectable card dedicated to him which says, I quoteth,
Artifact hunter extraordinaire, Captain Xelqued managed to unlock the secrets of the Hidden Tower and created the legendary Aisha Myriad!
Observation notes: The Alien Aishas have a lab back “home”.

Was a part of the Aisha Myriad plot.

Gargon IV

On his collectable card it says, I quoteth,
Gargon is an Alien Aisha explorer, he roams the galaxy in his endless search to find new ingredients for the vending machine recipes.
Observation notes: Looks a lot like the alien aisha that always greets Neopians at the Alien Aisha Vending Machine.

Arlhox VII

On his collectable card it says, I quoteth,
When decisions need to be made, the Alien Aishas turn to their supreme commander Arlhox VII. This quick witted leader hasnt failed them yet.
Observation notes: The sky is a dark red with lots of stars glittering. Arlhox VII is green. The alien aishas are also green.

Shreegla VI

On his collectable card it says, I quoteth,
Shreegla’s research means he often has to venture into the unknown. Sadly what he finds is not always pleasant.
Observation notes: Is the red planet their home? What did Shreegla VI find? There’s a crescent moon in the distance. Shreegla VI also resembles the Alien Aisha that greets Neopians at the vending machine.

Farlax V

On his collectable card it says, I quoteth,
Farlax loves to explore new territory and is always seeking new locations for Alien Aisha Vending machines. His dream is to have a Vending Machine in every galaxy.
Observation notes: There’s more than one vending machine. There’s life outside of Neopia’s galaxy.

Beerlap III

Beerlap’s collectable card says, I quoteth,
Brave, quick witted and full of adventure, Beerlap is not afraid to be the first Alien Aisha to set foot on a new planet.
Observation notes: Beerlap III is blue. There’s another planet somewhere out there.

Other alien aishas?

There’s a whole population of them that we still don’t know about. Will they take over Neopia someday? Read all about it in ‘Alien Aisha Invasion’.

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