Neopets Neverending Boss Battle Guide

Neopets Neverending Boss Battle Guide



Basic Information:

Neverending Boss Battle (click to play)
Game ratio:
50 NP per 100 pts scored
Quick cheats:?



He came from beyond the stars to conquer the planet Neopia. Unfortunately for Dr. Sloth, one thing stands in the way of completely obliterating your beloved planet – YOU. Your single-man fighter is really no match for Dr. Sloth’s Battlecruiser, but it’s all you’ve got. You won’t win of course, your mission is simply to delay him as much as possible to give the Neopians time to prepare.


The Point

The point of the game is to try the hit the big huge mechanical boss dude as many times as you can with your blaster and get as many points as you can. Every time you hit the boss you get 5 points. Don’t get too cocky. You can’t defeat the sloth, mechanical, robot, machine thing since it’s neverending, though he can defeat you. He has several things he can fire at you too. You only have three lives. Just try to get as many points. Getting points, that’s the point! Get it? *silence* Hem. Moving on.



Arrow Keys: Basic movement. Moving around. Press the “UP” key to go forward and the “Left” and “Right” arrow keys to steer. And of course the “Down” Arrow key to reverse. Often however – people tend to forget their down arrow keys. It really helps when you’re trying to get out of tight situations.
Space Bar / X: This is one of the most important keys of the game. This is how you shoot the boss.
Z and C: Use these two buttons to move in parallel motions left and right slowly. This is a great way to avoid attacks and still be able to shoot the boss.


Your Ship

This is your ship. I hope I didn’t have to tell you that. But okay. You have 3 lives. Per every life you have a 100% shield. Every time you get hit your shield goes down by 80%. When you hit zero – you lose a life. When you lose your last life you lose the game. It’s pretty simple.

This is your scoreboard telling your stats. How much lives you have left, your score, your armor, and the current powerup you have. When you don’t have a powerup there are three dashed lines. The boss battleship takes up most of the board but doesn’t move in fast movements like you. It just rotates stupidly on the spot. You however can go in all the directions dodging all of the big dude’s attacks. As long as you don’t… er – touch him.


Boss Ship

Front Laser: When you stay in front of the laser for awhile it will eventually shoot at you and the second it hits you – you lose a life. Your armor can’t save you. =/ So try to stay out of the way. When you see it powering up… run.

Fireball Missels: These shoot forward and if you are trying to circle around the boss they will shoot so right before you go in front pull the breaks because they will come out whenever you’re in front with ol’ front laser there. They come out randomly – sometimes two at one time one from each one, two from each one, etc.

Booster Rockets: These are small rockets that will shoot out from these boosters and they will follow you, but they are short range and will blow up after 3 seconds so just move out of their way. You can shoot at them to blow them up but it’s a bit annoying since while you’re trying to aim they’re trying the beat you up.

Projectile Guns: These guns rotate around and randomly shoot little sparkle star-shaped projectiles around. These can get annoying. Some are fast, others are slow. So – yeah. I call these one of the most annoying weapons of sloth dude. Even though they’re not as menacing as the Front laser – they’re still REALLY annoying and take away 20% of your shield if they hit you.

Rear Laser: These will powerup randomly and shoot moving left and right. If it skims you will only lose a 20% shield but if it hits you straight on you will lose your shield completely.


Power Ups

Powerups are things that help you in your game making it easier for you to fight the boss. Making it easier for you to evade attacks, giving you more points, etc. Here are some basic facts about powerups. For you *coughlazycough* skimmers I’ve bolded. ^^

  • There can only be TWO on the screen at the time.
  • In order for you to get any powerups you must get atleast 20 points.
  • Powerups only last for 10 seconds.
  • You can only use one powerup at a time.
  • Every powerup are worth 5 points.
Split Fire – See on your ship on your planes you have two things on your wings? When you get powerups instead of only sending one bullet fire you send two. Therefore earning rather than 5 points, 10. Honestly, it’s cool at first… but once you realize that you have to be really close to the ship (Which btw – is not exactly safe) in order for you to put this powerup into use, it’s not so great. Sure, when the boss has it’s back to you give it a go – otherwise keep your distance.
Shield – This has got to be my FAVORITE powerup. When you have this powerup nothing can hurt you. The booster rockets, projectile guns, rear laser, front laser, and a fireball missle. I like to just stand there in front of Sloth Machine and mindlessly shoot bullets for those beautiful 10 seconds…. Er. Why are you staring at me? o.O
Special Rebounding Rocket – This is so much fun! This makes your bullets bounce off the walls like crazy till they hit the boss. I love to hold the space bar down while moving around. However when your 10 seconds are up all your bullets that were bouncing off the walls disappear. :/
Faster Bullet Rate – I honestly think this is one of the most USELESSpower-ups I’ve ever seen. You know what it does? It shoots bullets faster. It doesn’t seem any faster to me. I find it useless. Useless, useless, useless… USELESS. Hem. Now the only thing it’s good for is 5 points. I honestly just get them so I can get rid of them to get the next powerup… :/
Warp – This is a fun powerup. If anything hits you you will automatically be transported to one corner of the screen without losing any shield points. It doesn’t change how I play my game like say, the shield will by just staying in one place – I just use it as an extra precaution.
Speed Boost – This is pretty cool. It’s mainly made for evading attacks. If you want to stay on the defensive this is great, making it easy to dodge those fire missels and booster rockets. However if you want to stay on offensive this is not the best,


Here are some tips I made up for you that I think you should follow.

  • When you first begin stay in that corner till the booster rockets or the front laser gun powers up and shoot. When you lose a life and start again with a shield. Keep shooting till the shield goes out.
  • Don’t lose your mind fighting for hours and hours and hours….
  • If you don’t have a shield powerup, warp powerup, or a speed boost powerup I suggest you stay away from the front of the boss machine.
  • Get as many shield powerups as you can.
  • Don’t touch the machine dude… going over it with even a shield will automatically kill you.
  • Play on the right screen resolution. If you have a 1024 x 768 screen make sure you choose that category.
  • Get POINTS! Since that’s the point! ^___^ *cricket* -.-;
  • Right – the ending corny sentence… HAVE FUN!

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