Neopets Petpage Application Guide

Neopets Petpage Application Guide

How many times has this happened to you; you’re at an adoption agency/pounding board, for your ultimate dream pet! I mean, this is the pet you’ve been wanting forever! But…wait? What’s that?

Petpage Apps REQUIRED!!!

Darn! Well, there goes that pet! I’m not writing a petpet application -frown-
But…it doesn’t have to be that way! Nope! And now, “But I can’t make petpage applications!” won’t be an excuse anymore! This petpage application guide is dedicated to helping you, yes you, learn how to make a petpage application of your very own! :D

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Now, first off, you should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS begin by reading the rules. All of them. Most of the time “Petpage Apps Only!!!” is just the first rule; it’s important to read all of the rules so you’re not:
A) Wasting everybody’s time (Most owners will disqualify you on the spot if you don’t follow all the rules!)
B) Making a bad first impression. Think about it: what would you do if you speant 20 minutes typing up a set of rules, only to have someone send you an application in a neomail, with all sorts of horrid grammer and chatspeak? Then, when you rejected them, they sent you hate mail? Now, that’s not any fun. :(

Rules also can be used as a tool! They’re just there to help you! ^^

Alright. Now, I’m going to walk you through what I think should be included in an ideal petpage application. Please note that the following is only based on my opinion and judgement, so be sure to make sure you find out exactly what the owner wants before you start.:)


Let’s begin with the petpage application layout. Here, it’s always best to start off by greeting the owner. This can be a bit tricky. Try to find out what the owner’s name/nickname is, but if you absolutely can’t you can neomail them asking politely about it, or just use their username. Then, I find it nice to state what pet you’re applying for and your name (or your nickname, or whatever you like to be called on Neopets).
Summary: The Intro paragraph shouldn’t be that hard. Just let your heart guide you xD

Now, in any application, it’s very important to tell the owner a bit about the pet’s future with you. This includes a petpet, drawing, roleplaying, Battledoming, entrance in the Beauty Contest, Pet/Petpet Spotlight, or anything else that you might want to put here. However, just telling the owner really isn’t enough. I mean, anyone could just say “I’m going to enter him in the beauty contest, and in the Pet Spotlight, and roleplay him, and draw him etc.” You really have to prove what you say. For instance, if you say you’re getting the pet a petpet, buy the petpet and put it in your shop! Or, if you say you’re going to Roleplay/Draw the pet, A sample of each is always nice.
Summary: Talk about the pet’s future plans; then act on them!

Another important part of any application is telling the owner why you want the pet you’re applying for. I’d advise you here to just be honest. Well, I think you should be honest throughout the whole application, but here it’s especially important. I’d also advise you to not just say “I like her color.” here. I mean, would yougive someone a pet just because they wanted a nicely colored pet on their account? I sure wouldn’t. However, I really can’t tell you what to say here; it’s up to you. Just try to think of what caught your eye about the pet in the first place.
Summary: Honesty is the best policy!

And now it’s time to…meet the family! Yuppers. I personally think it’s a nice touch to ‘introduce’ the owner of the pet you’re applying for, and the pet, to your neofamily! This may include you (actually, I would definately at least tell the owner a bit about yourself!) and your neopets. I’d tell a bit about your pets, their personalities, and maybe how you acquired them (This is nice because it shows that you can work for your pets).
Now, this can be accomplished in a variety of ways. You can put pictures up of your neopets that you’ve drawn, or just pre-made images. However, I wouldn’t suggest using glitters/images that aren’t your own (besides Neopets, but that doesn’t count :P) but I’ll talk a bit more about that later. However, if you prefer, you can just put u p text/links to your pets. This may be good for complicated layouts that may be skewed by large images or something of the like.
Summary: Let the owner know about you and your pets, and what kind of future family he/she’ll have!

Now it’s time for…the conclusion? Aww…:( Well, this part really isn’t hard. Just thank the owner for coming/reading, and say your goodbyes. :)

What? It’s not the end yet? Of course not! We still have to take care of those dedications! What are dedications, you might ask? Well, dedications are those extra little touches that show you really want the pet and are dedicated to it. A few common dedications are buying a petpet/items for the pet you’re applying for and putting them in their trades/gallery, writing a story about the pet, writing a poem about the pet, making a userlookup for the pet, making a future pet lookup for the pet, and drawing the pet. However, if you want to ‘break out of the box’ a little, you can always try creating a room in your neohome for the pet, get some friends to make you a ‘reference’ (a neomail/post telling how great of an owner you’ll be), or compose a song for the pet! :3


1. Don’t harass the owner of the pet. It won’t get you anywhere, and it just upsets everyone involved. :( Also, if you sent in an application, and you haven’t recieved a response, don’t automatically neomail the owner asking if you were accepted or not. Some owners will say something like, “If I don’t respond within ____ days you were rejected (or sometime’s they’ll ask to to re-send the application). Otherwise, if about a week and a half to two weeks goes by, and you still haven’t recieved a response, I personally would move on. (But be sure to check the pet’s lookup for an accepted/rejected list to make sure the owner didn’t just accept you without neomailing you back!)

2. Be yourself! I really can’t stress this enough. It’s like the saying goes about friendship,” If your friend doesn’t like you for who you really are, they aren’t really your friend.” If you apply for a pet while wearing a fake personality, how will the owner ever get to know what kind of an owner you really are?

3. Don’t completly dedicate your life to a pet. Rejection happens. I, personally, have been rejected multiple times, on applications I spent 3+ hours on! So, show some dedications, but don’t spend hour after hour agonizing about it. ;)

4. A nice layout can make or break an application. Sad, but true. I wouldn’t reccomend using a premade layout, even if the owner says it’s all right. Making one yourself proves dedication. If you absolutely positutely can not make layouts, try some of the links at the bottom, or try asking people that have nice layouts for coding help! (DO NOT beg/harass though!!!)

4. Don’t apply for a pet just for an avatar/color. Remember, as TNT says, “A pet is not just for Christmas or any other time of the year…a pet is for life! And keep it that way!” If you apply for a pet, you should plan on keeping it.

5. Don’t call the pet an It or he/she. This is an automatic turn-off to the owner, as it shows you’re too lazy to even go and look up the pet!

6. Always be sure to check your spelling and grammar! Remember, a first impression lasts a lifetime…

7. If you’re going to use graphics/smiley faces, don’t go overboard with it. Try to keep everything neat and clean.

8. Have fun!!! Y’see those three exclamation points? They’re there for a reason. Petpage’s don’t have to be boring, annoying, or hard! Be creative; almost all owners put this in their rules, and they aren’t just putting it there to waste space! Draw a picture, write a story, make it your own. Remember, this is just a guide. It’s not a list of requirements, just some helpful hints and nudges to get you in the right direction.

I don’t have any current neopets petpage application examples to show, but I will update with one when I get the chance!

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