Neopets Plushie Tycoon Guide

Neopets Plushie Tycoon Guide


Basic Information: 

Plushie Tycoon

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Plushie Tycoon

NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1 points
For 1,000 NP, score1000.


Educational Challengine
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
None None None
First Place Second Place Third Place



This is a strategy game where you play the owner of a plushie factory. Your objective is to get profit. You start with 50,000 np in hand and you have to finish with more to get the bronze trophy and avatar. Other trophies will be awarded if you make more profit.

On this guide I’ll only show you the different options and redirect you to various strategies compiled by other users on their petpages. This way you can choose whatever fits more to your will and get the avatar easily (or even the trophy!). All the reference charts are from this awesome Reference Petpage and they will be a major help for you.

To get an overview of the game and rules please check the Help links TNT provides.



This is the first step. Click the link “Main Page”to activate it. On the Main Page you have important information:

  • Cash on Hand: you start with 50,000
  • Your time in the game. This is VERY important, as your factory, shops and everything else only work from 9:01 am to 5:01 pm
  • Materials that you own to make plushies
  • Plushies made, being made and sold

Change your timezone before anything elseIgnore the TMG and all the hard to understand stuff. Following this chart (from the Reference Petpage) try to find the times you’re mostly on Neopets and decide when you want your last (or first) update to happen.


Purchase Places
Now that you have your work time you’ll have to rent the working places.

Pay 980np for the Factory.
Pay 940np for the Warehouse (which is the only one that works 24/7).
Pay 1350np for the Shop.

More features are included on the Warehouse and Shop, but they will come later in the game so I’ll leave them without explanation for now.
You have to pay your rent every week



Purchase Materials
This is the next step. To make a plushie you’ll need clothing and stuffing. Better plushies require accessories (gems) and packs, so we’re going to aim for them (as they sell better, higher and give a nicer profit)

When choosing whatever to buy take the price in count. Most people use the gems as reference to the buying of the rest of the material. If the price of everything (together) is above 2000-3000 try later. The game updates on the first minute of every hour. Please referee to the chart at the the Reference Petpage.

Remember that you shall start with less jobs if the cost is higher. Each guide suggests a different technique on this case, so just choose whatever is more of your liking or that you find safer.

Plushies can be done with different quantities of clothing. The best to choose are those that require 3 or 4 moulds of cloth. Choose from the chart at the Reference Petpage.

It is widely recommended that you start (at least for the first couple of orders) with: green cloth, neocotton, paper bags and rare gems.

Rare Gems
Rare gems are the accessories you’re going to use to the final touches of your plushie. You have to buy each for a specie you chose. The quantity that you’ll purchase will depend on the above calculi, that you already done when choosing the species of your plushies.

For the other materials: buy the same quantity that you bought of gems.

Clothes shall be bought depending not only on the quantity of gems but also on the species you chose. 


Start Jobs
Now you’re going to start to use your material.

Select one option for each material and submit. You’ll make an X amount of plushies per job. Submit that amount by clicking “start”.

When you submit your third job, upgrade your factory. (for upgrade prices please check the chart at theReference Petpage)

When you finish up submitting all your jobs it’s time to find someone to do them. Which would be your Personnel. Let’s hire some workers! =D

You have to maintain 1 manager per 10 workers. It is suggested that you hire, at first, 250 workers and 25 managers. There are 3 kinds of workers: Dropouts, Graduates, Trainees and Journeymen. Each one is more expensive than the other. Do not hire Dropouts. They are incompetent.

Remember that you already have one manager on your factory. He keeps working even if you hire more!

Plushies are produced per hour and updated at the first minute of the hour.


  • If you hired workers at 09:15 am, plushies will be done at 10:01 pm.
  • If you hired workers at 4:45 pm, plushies will be done at 5:01 pm.
  • If you hired workers at 5:15 pm plushies will be done at 10:01 am of the next day.

BEWARE: When your workers are not doing any jobs you have to fire them all! If you don’t fire them after they finish the jobs you’ll have to keep paying them for nothing. Remember that one manager will be kept and that he still has to be paid. Keep at least 1500 np in hand, which will be enough for a couple of days of his work.



Ship Plushies
When jobs are done they will be sent to the Warehouse. As soon as they’ll finish to load you can ship them (a check box will appear). If it happens that your plushies do “not fit” anymore on the Warehouse just expand it.

Shipping takes 5 minutes to arrive to your shop. 


Go to your store.

On the “Sales” page you’ll be able to see your plushies and their prices. However, to sell you’ll need a decent place where people are not afraid to get in! Purchase upgrades: Full Carpet, Gas Lanterns and Rent-a-Gelert (shop security)

Advertising is also required. What you choose here depends on the cash you have but it’s recommended to upgrade near the following options: Full Flyers, Full Gifts, Full Candy and Sunglasses on Clothing. Spend wisely on these.



After you do any step go back and re-do the last one. Keep making, shipping and selling and see your profit go boom!

As addition to this guide you may want (and I strongly recommend you) to check the following help pages.

There are, at many boards, Plushie Tycoon help threads (PT is the acronym for Plushie Tycoon). If you need any help people there will certainly inform you of what to do.

Good luck and happy Tycooning!

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