Neopets Premium Guide!

Neopets Premium Guide!

It’s a whole new world in here! This guides still under construction and will be as long as people continue to submit their tips, views and questions about premium and its benefits.
I created it due to the overwhelming amount of mail I’ve received asking, How did you invite people to premium?

On this page I will share what I have learned on how to do these things. I aim to help premium members gain more of those elusive hard to come by referrals and how to go about it, as well as giving an look at certain benefits for non premium users.

View all your neofriends at once in this section of your portal:

    • View when they were last active unless they’re in Stealth mode, dependable on if they are premium. Set yourself to Stealth which is great advertising for Premium as well as hiding your own current active status from others.
    • Allows you to set each Neofriend into groups.
    • Instant neomailing option.
    • Block mode available.
    • Instant view if an account becomes iced.

This portal keeps you updated on new features:

  • Fastest response on Portal and Neopets reporting system.
  • Shop Wiz goes Sniperspace! Get the lowest prices on items without refreshing.
  • Super handy site in Portal feature.
  • Boss button.
  • Added “theme” clocks.
  • Webmail available – get email address.
  • Added “dailies” bar.
  • Added news categories – find weather and more without leaving Neopets!
  • Save your favorite links within Neopets; no more need to bookmark – games, friends, guild and more.

Sweeet! It’s the Super Shop Wiz!

  • Type in what you want to buy and it will search through shop in the market at once to find you the best price!
  • Now we have the use of two wizards! Neopets makes it fair however; it does not allow the Super Wiz to search for Secret Lab Map pieces.
  • real email address that anyone can write you at.
  • Your own email inbox – ex.
  • Remember that because it is a real email address, you can receive unsolicited emails/spam mail. Be safe!
  • You can personalize your email inbox with Neopet themes.Note: Webmail is not owned by Neopets, but by Velocity Services Inc.
    You can however contact TNT/help services directly regarding this. You’ll receive the opportunity to preview and test many of the features, services, and applications that are currently under consideration for future placement on the Neopets site!

  • Not only will you get an advance look at Neopian projects that are still being created, but you’ll also have an opportunity to participate in the development process, as your testing and feedback play an important role in determining how the final product turns out.
  • Scoring is never functional while games are in Beta Testing.This section of my guide is to help others premium users obtain more signups. I’ve called upon other premium users for their own personal input and topics to be covered here.You don’t need to be a writer, restocker, artist nor stand out much to successfully advertise premium, however being sociable is a big benefit in helping gain referrals. I have had the gift to gab all my life and that’s probably why talking to people comes so easily to me!
    I do however think that when you believe in something it can be sold. Whether it be an opinion, idea, or…premium!

    On your quest to gain the prizes premium referrals have to offer, you’re probably going to have to face a few rejections along the way. The way you handle this will be important in how successful you are in achieving your goal.

    So here goes… my little piece on the ‘selling’ of Premium…

    1. Get that portal page up and running.
    Open that super Wizard and fast! It’s not only going to be your neopoints maker, but your door to signup. Regular wizard as well.

    2. After making some profit from the Wiz snipe as it’s famously known, start looking at a persons shop/lookup/pets and username (and age if listed).
    Why does username matter?: I myself am a mom so I look for fellow moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas. A username tells a lot about a person!
    Ex. – You may look for Inuyasha fans or Pokemon fans, if you yourself are one. Look for people that you are comfortable writing and starting conversation with.

    3. Write to them and start conversation! Say things you really mean ex:

  • *What a wonderful account you have!*
  • *It’s so nice to see a fellow fan/adult/etc that enjoys Neopets so much!
  • *I’ve seen your shop a lot on the Super Wiz (this will make them interested in what premium offers)
  • *Your store carries such a nice variety of items!
    Note: Highscore lists for games are another form of finding people and using that as a conversation starter.Because of going this way about it I’ve gained many new friends, even if they don’t signup. All in all it is a win-win situation here! They typically write back and say thank you for the nice letter (who doesn’t love compliments) and ask about the Super Wiz.There it is folks! The question that starts it all: What is the Super Wiz? Be honest, and don’t decieve people to get what you want.
  • Let them know you will always answer a question for them if they need help regarding premium.
  • The super wiz is a premium neopets feature that regular users don’t have access too. It’s part of the many benefits we get.
  • It’s a huge time-saver because you search for an item and it shows the lowest price of an item in rows. Talk about how often you see them on it… brag it up (it’s worth it!)
  • Always speak from the heart, be polite, and take your time typing! I would recommend not typing in chat-speak.
  • Give the pros and cons about premium and squash any rumors.99.9% of the time I get a response and get a letter back asking more questions:
    Does this cost money? 
    Tell me more, I have heard of it
    or even:
    I haven’t heard of premium (trust me there are many that haven’t, even with Neo’s ads).Many people don’t go on the chat boards (hard to believe hey?!) – don’t let it bother you that it’s being advertised.
    I was rejected maybe 8 times from getting a signup, and that’s par for the course. Nothing is perfect – premium requires real money afterall.It takes a committed player with real means to use premium. It takes commitment from you to sell what you believe in. So your job if you choose to accept it, is to be patient and tell them all the benefits that you yourself love and use.

I don’t rush people off to a webpage describing premium… I type things out myself to be personal. After awhile, it isn’t a bad idea to link them to Leto’s petpage so they can get a good about everything premium involves.

UPDATE: – People love the entering in the Beauty Contest. Tell them the advantages to premium boards for advertising! Premium users win Best in Species quite often! Check out Kadoaties trophy…

Check out these premium referral tips from other users!

When I’m in the mood to give out referrals, I tend to scout boards. Not usually on the Avatar Chat, but Help Chat or something like that, and try to pick a thread that has a lot of older members (sometimes the ‘show off your painted pets’ or ‘remember when…’ boards work nicely). Then I look at accounts, see if they haveStealth! or not, see if they’re adults, see if they’re dedicated, and then… random vinvite! Sometimes they’re taken, but some of them were quite happy and had said they had been looking for an invite for awhile. I got about four of my referrals that way… the other three were from people that I knew.

I can give some of my tips! I got my sidebar after only making two boards. Make a really noticable title. Something like:
Don’t leave after a page or two. Stay on the board for at least 10 pages; the more people that see the title, the better. Chat with a friend or talk to the lurkers. You know people are reading the board, so draw them in!


I love Flossie’s page! it’s helped me so much! Good job Flossie!

Horaah! Yay! Love!

I’d like to say how informative and yet simple to follow and understand your guide was!

Ok, I have referred two ppl since I read your page flosset! I didn’t have time for more than that but I’m certainly gonna give it more tries this evening! Thanks again! 2 down and 18 more to go lol

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