Neopets Random Contest Guide

Neopets Random Contest Guide

Every Wednesday a new Totally Awesome and Completely Random Contest is released. Here you are given a different task every week, from doing Neopian Poster Movie Advertising, build a new avatar, dress your real pet in Neopets clothes or build a real sized meepit statue (which has not happened yet, but if we give them the idea… Oh wait, there was also the contest that consisted in “we’re out of ideas, please send yours!”) 

Now, why should you enter such a randomic and impossible contest? Because of the prizes off course!
First Prize
An item (themed with the contest).
Second Prize 5,000
An item (themed with the contest, but different than the first prize one)

Third Prize

And all of them will receive this unique and exclusive random avatar!

For unknown reasons, the number of winners to the First and Second Prizes may vary (but are normally 5 and 10). However the third prize is very often shared by 100 people (there may be punctual exceptions).

Since this contest is so wide in variety the only tip we can give you is to BE ORIGINAL. Originality inside a Neopets theme is the thing that will distinguish you from the rest.

Also, show that you spent some time working on your entry. Especially on big things as… Scarecrows (for example). The technique and the beauty of your entry don’t count as much as the effort you seem to have put on it.

Finally, you are allowed to make an “entry speech””. There, instead of begging “my work is so much the best gimme the avatar!”, you shall explain every and each step to your work. Make it humorous and bright, TNT loves that!

And now that you have an idea of what to do, why not to take a peek on the earlier winnersWarning: Be ready to laugh.

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