Neopets Rink Runner Guide

Rink Runner

Basic Information:

Rink Runner
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Rink Runner

Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 9.38 points
For 1,000 NP, score 107.
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
None None None
First Place Second Place Third Place

Hello there, little bruce. So you want to do some ice skating? Do you wanna be a….Rink Runner? Then come on, get your skates and step into the ice. Now we’re going to train you into the tricks of skating on such thin ice!

The contest is simple. You have to skate on ice and do wonderful jumps that impress the judges. As they care more about the quality and beauty of your jumps you shall do the less possible. The less you jump the higher your score will be!

Also, the ice where your contest is happening is very, very thin. It breaks very easily and, under it, there’s water. We know that bruces enjoy water, due to their similarity to their penguin relatives. However, the judges do not want you to get wet. So, falling on water equals to immediate disqualification. You’ll lose your game if you fall from the ice and you don’t have spare chances, or lives, on the professional skating world.

Finally, the bonus. During your performance, the music notes will glide by the dome and you’ll be able to catch them. Judges love that, so catch as many notes as possible! They stay available for a certain period of time, and their colour changes each second. For each colour you’ll have a different amount of bonus. The better one is the black, followed by green, blue, orange and red. After that they just disappear. Do not catch the flats and sharps. Those that look like this: ь (flat) and # (sharp).

In conclusion: to win on this game you have to catch many notes with just a few jumps. So, my first recommendation is that you jump on a pattern that allows you to cover a big space in a single jump, like on the example below. Pay attention to the notes, if you see some of them aligned go for the line.

Remember: to jump just click on the place you want to land. Beware of the big spaces of water that start appearing under your feet after level one!

To pass to the next phase of the contest, you must score a definite amount of points.

Level 1 – Any you want.

  • From this level on the less jumps you do the better your score will be

Level 2 – 21 points

  • From this level on if you do more than 30 jumps it will be discounted on your score

Level 3 – 22 points
Level 4 – 23 points
Level 5 – 24 points
Level 6 – 25 points
(and so on, you get the idea)

To finalize your learning on the art of good skating, let’s talk about a last special bonus. It comes in form of asterisk (*) and you shall catch you as you would catch a note. I’m not sure of its value, but you definitely should try to catch it. It’s very rare, though, and only appears on later levels. The number maximum of points that each judge can apply you is 10. It will give you a perfect 30 score per level. As you can see, ice skating is not that hard. You just have to train a bit and when you get practice it will be quite easy to get a score that gives you the greatly appreciated 1000 neopoints prize.