Neopets Round Table Poker Guide

Neopets Round Table Poker Guide

Basic Information:

Round Table Poker
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Round Table Poker Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 5 points
For 1,000 NP, score 200.
Card Games Luck and Chance
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
None None None
First Place Second Place Third Place


How to Play Poker

This is a hard and complex luck game. Learn to play it and you can go bet in a casino. =.= Anyway, before everything, let’s learn How to Play Poker.

Your objective is to play the best hand of five cards. From now one this will be known as the Hand.

To get the cards you need you’ll have to “buy” them with bets. Bets are deposited on a pot and are one with the person of the best Hand.

So, there are various kinds of Hands that can be used to win. Here is a list of the most important (and also a must to understand any James Bond movie):

Straight Flush – Five cards in sequence of the same kind. It’s the rarest and the best. If two players play one of this the winner is the one with the highest sequence. For example, between a sequence from 2 to 6 and a sequence from 5 to 10 the last would win. A Royal Flush happens when the sequence has a high ace.

Four of a Kind – When you get 4 cards of the same value (example: 4 eights and a three). If two players have a Four of a Kind wins the one with higher cards. If the four cards are the same, the winner is the one who has the highest Lateral Card (the fifth card of the hand).

Full House – Oh, the famous… xD A hand with a triple and a pair is a full house. (example: three 4 and two 6). The tie is solved by checking the highest triple or, in case the triple is the same, by the highest pair.

Flush – Five cards of the same kind. The highest hand wins.


Straight – A numeric sequence. Colour and kind don’t really matter. The highest sequence wins.

Three of a Kind – As the name says. The winner has the better three cards. In case they are the same we’ll look at the remaining two.


Just… huh… Scratch the guy�s face. oO
Two pairs – Yes. Two pairs. The winner has the best pair.

Highest Value – If you don’t have any sequence of those on your hand the score will be tallied based on the highest value card.


How to Play on our Neopian Casino?

There are six official tournaments, each composed by a different number of playable hands. In the end you’ll have to win 16 hands. After the sixth tournament you’re now welcome to the High Score Board.

On your first move you can check or bet.
After a bet placed you can call, raise and fold. Fold consists in to remove all your hand.
If you haven’t fold on your first move you’re allowed to discard one to four cards.
After each player discards a card a new betting moment occurs. However, now the bets double.
All the players (those that haven’t folded) can show the cards and compare the score now.



Examples of your gaming hands

Here, I’ll be placing some examples of what hands you may find. Just replace the cards with those you have and see if the sequence matches.

Hands to discard or fold

  • 2 3 10 Jack Ace
  • 3 5 9 Queen Ace

Easy to Win Hands

  • Black 8 Black 9 Red 10 Black Jack Red Ace
  • Red 3 Red 4 Red 5 Red 7 Black King
  • Red 3 Red 6 Red Queen Red 8 Black Jack


Your Opponents

They always follow the same strategy. Bad for them, good for us!
(Opponents Strategies listed and found by cptleeastroboy)

  • Discard 3 cards: they have a pair before the discard
  • Discard 2 cards: they have three of a kind before the discard.
  • Discard 1 card: they have 2 pairs, 4 of a kind (the rarest of the game) or that they need only one card of a flush or a straight
  • Discard nothing: they have a great hand. Fold unless you have a flush or a straight.
  • Opponents do not bluff.
  • Opponents call everything on the opening round of betting.
  • They will bet at least 10 neopoints if they have only ace high. If they raise the bet they have something better.
  • When they have a pair they do not bet unless they have a pair of kings or a pair of aces
  • They usually raise to maximum during the second round, if they have 2 pairs or better.

For more guidance on this game you may like to read the Neopian Times article. Good luck! ^-*

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