Neopets Rubbish Dump Guide

IntroductionThe Rubbish dump is one of the most underappreciated places in Meridell where in fact it could be considered a great place to get riches and riches! It is underappreaciated for the reason that it is a huge garbage dump where all the stinky, disgusting trash in meridell goes to. However it is a place that holds riches because curious neopians who have poked their noses in it have found things such as codestones and even paint brushes!

The Rubbish Dump is supervised by Charle the Kacheek. He’s a blue kacheek who has been rumored not to be the nicest of kacheeks. One neopian told us, “His attitude was as poor as his sense of smell!” I guess that pretty much sums him up!

What can you find there?Usually you’ll only find junk but sometimes you can find expensive items. Codestones, bottled faeries, gourmet food, and even paint brushes have been reported to having been found there. There are some specialized items that you can only find there however. There are 13 of them. They are categorized as Worthless Slightly Expensive , andUnbuyable .


Meridell Gravy

Strange Green Seeds

Squished Tomato

Zeeana Peel

Packet of Gravel

Soggy old Box

Baby Haystack


Broken Spoon

Muddy Bone

Apple Core

Old Paper

DonorsYou may see meridell castle cleaners donating, farmers, somebody mysterious, peasants, passing neopets or faeries, rowdy peasants, somebody smelly, King Skarl, and even the Dung faerie or yourself!

The only place you will hear about the dung faerie is from the rubbish dump. There’s not much else we know about her… she’s quite mysterious.

Also you might see yourself as a donor or someone you know. Don’t worry about it, this isn’t actually items from your inventory. The Dump just uses the names of people who are currently at the dump.