Neopets Sakhmet Solitaire Guide

Neopets Sakhmet Solitaire Guide


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Sakhmet Solitaire (Click here to play)
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Solitaire has been known since ever as the card game for lonely people. You can play it with other people, but it’s mayoralty to pass your time alone. Long time ago Neopets came with the grand random event generator that translated the famous card came to a neopian language: Sakhmet Solitaire.

This is a game of time and strategy. It’s also known, in some cultures, with the name “Patience”. This characterizes pretty well what the game is made of…


How to play Solitaire

The objective of the game is to use all the cards of the deck to build piles of each type, on ascendant order, starting by Aces.

Click on any of the existent aces on the seven piles and move them to the blank spaces on top. Then you can make all the other available plays. When you can’t play anymore click on the deck, on the left top and release more cards. I strongly recommend you to choose “show 1 card” on the main menu, because it turns things easier on the game. The cards turned up are always available to be played.


On the game you’ll form two kinds of piles: the card piles and the ace piles. Ace piles are those on the right top of the screen. The card piles are very special: they are placed on descendent order on the game board (over the normal piles). Colours must alternate. An example of a card pile would be “Red King, Black Queen, Red Jack, Black 10”. You can move the cards on a pile to any other available pile, but you always have to place cards on the ace pile by the correct order!It happens that when you finish the move a card is left, turned down. On Sakhmet Solitaire the card will be turned up immediately.

If a space on the centre of the board is left empty you can place a King, or a pile starting on a King, on it.

You have 23 cards to draw and after you draw all of them you can’t “run” trough the deck again. You can’t also remove cards from the pile of aces.

(Tip: try to move everything from the central board before using the deck)



You can only score when putting cards on the Piles of Aces. You score 20 points per ace. The other cards will score 10 points each. Kings worth some amazing 85 points.

You’ll win as many neopoints as points you scored, with a maximum of 2500 per day. This means that if you have free time on your hands you can get 2500 easy neopoints!

There are two different kinds of trophy:

The high score trophy consists in playing around 500 times on the reset night.

The other trophy is called “Sakhmet Solitaire Bonus”. Those are based on “how many times you’ve completed the game in a row”.

The second trophy is cute, ain’t it?

Remember, this game is made of time. And maybe of a bit of luck. It’s very rare to find an impossible game… You just need to do the right choices on the right moment.

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