Neopets Shapeshifter Guide


Basic Information:

(click to play)
Shapeshifter Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1 points
For 1,000 NP, score 1000.
Most Challenging Puzzles
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
Reach Level 6 inShapeshifter and then visit this page.
Shapeshifter None
First Place Second Place Third Place

Sinsi is a cute brown ixi with a puzzled mind. He has this board game called Shapeshifter, where the objective is to smash your brains by changing the board pieces. The most basic objective is to turn everything into the “Goal” piece.Now, how did I get my avatar? A tip: I just learned how to play this game. Ok, I tell you: I got the Shapeshifter avatar, rated as one of the easiest, by random clicking. Exactly. If you do that you’ll eventually get the avatar. Think of it as a great way to get random events! However, if you want the cute trophy to your shiny gallery you’ll need more than random clicks.

The most basic basics

First of all, let’s analyze the board. The below screenshot is from a high level so don’t panic right now! Everything is easier at the beginning, this is just to scare you *shifty eyes*

  • Your Board – Here are the pieces you have to transform
  • Goal – You want all shapes to be this. On this case you want to turn goblets into swords
  • Active Shape – You’re allowed to change this shape on the board. On this case you can change two squares of the board at once.
  • Next Shapes – These are very important. It shows the next shapes you have available. They are not infinite! Be sure that you think what shape is coming next before you make a move.

Changing Pieces:This is the second basic. To change a piece, select it and click. If the move you want is not available you’ll be redirected to an Oops! page.

Yes, Sinsi can be harsh with you sometimes… The most basic strategy is to mark the pieces that need to be changed and to change them around. However, this turns out to be very hard: there will be a time when you already changed the whole board, but there is still a piece with the wrong object.

Yay, I know how to play! But I still can’t win…

There is, fortunately, an easier strategy. This one consists in analyzing the shapes you have available and avoid to use the “big ones” (those that cover more than two pieces)

If you want to know more strategies check the Neopian Times Article .