Neopets Shenkuu River Rush Guide

Neopets Shenkuu River Rush Guide

Shenkuu River Rush

Basic Information:

Shenkuu River Rush
(click to play)
Shenkuu River Rush Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1 points
For 1,000 NP, score 1000.
Sports Action
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
None None None
First Place Second Place Third Place

Your objective is to make it down the river safety collecting points by doing moves.

To control the surfer, the left and right arrow keys are to move left to right, the up arrow  is to speed up and the down arrow is the slow down. The space bar is to jump, and you can press the spacebar twice for a double jump. You can push the spacebar and the up arrow to jump long! P is to pause the game.

There are two surfers you can choose from. Bowe is techo and is a bit bigger which means that he doesn’t stay airborne longer. Cassile is a lupe which is a smaller surfer so will remain airborne for more which will be better for perform tricks!

Special Moves
The key is to do moves is that you have to be holding down the shift key to perform a move otherwise nothing will happen.

Trick Suggestions
Use the Tomamu Tail Flare and the Whirling Kazeriu when you have enough speed, you can just jump [without any ramps or powerups] and do those tricks and usally get a good landing. These tricks are also good when you just did a harder trick and have a bit more airtime!

Use the Juma Spin and the Sandan Somersault when you have a ramp, a waterfall or a super jump power up! You need some air for this trick! You should usually combine it with another one of these 3 button tricks or the simple 2 button tricks for an additional 3 extra points!

Use the Pygui Roll and the Quilin when you have a decent size waterfall or ramp [more so the Quilin Eclipse because you need more airtime for that trick] and you should always try to combine it with the lower tricks!

Author’s Choice
The best trick to do is usally the Pygui Roll because it is easy to perform, gives you 8 points and has less airtime then Quilin Eclipse.

Note: Once you combine tricks, you will get additional points [according to what kind of tricks they are] for each time you combine each trick! Example: You use the Juma Spin and get 4 points and then use tomamu Tail Flare and earn 1 point plus 2 points for combined and get 7 points. If you do two Whirling Kazeriu, you get 3 points!


  • Super Jump: Makes you jump higher
  • Speed Boost: Increases speed for short amount of time
  • Invulnerability: Gives you protections from obsticles. Once you hit an obstacle, it vanishes.

There are some items that have a connection to this game and when you have them in your possession, they will help you in such ways.

Backpack: Gives you bonus points when you start a new level.
“Speed Bead” necklace: Increase speed.
Mighty Jumping Sandals: Jump are more powerful.
Winged Talisman: Decrease Gravity and increase flight time
Bracers of Fury: Not quite sure what this does
Helm of Recovery: Unknown but it obviously could do with recovery

Additional Info
You get 3 lives!

You cannot jump onto land to avoid areas (unless you jump over them, screenshot)

Each time you complete a level, you earn an extra life (There will be gates to indicate the end of a level)

Raise Your Score
To raise your score is simple! You need to almost always have your figure on the shift key! If it is downhill or a slight incline, you can jump and do a simple trick like Tomamu Tail Flare and the Whirling Kazeriu! If you are near a waterfall/ramp, do not try this tricks because they might decrease your speed! Try to get a lot of super jumps because thats how you do tricks like Juma Spin and the Sandan Somersault and combine it with a simpler trick to get at least 7 points! You can also sometimes pull off a Pygui Roll on super jumps but don’t combine unless you know you have enough time! There is only 3 huge declines to when you are getting close to them, speed up for more air time! Try to jump off all the traps with a double jump! If you are in a cave, go off the sides of the cave and perform a Tomamu Tail Flare and the Whirling Kazeriu! Always try to double jump. Combined tricks are the best way to get points so combine a lot!

Author’s Suggestions
Try to always have Invulnerability with you in case of bumping into things when going fast! When you are in the Shops area where there is little space to do anything, do simple tricks between or sometimes over the bounders! Don’t feel pressure to get all the speed boast! Try to always choose Cassile because she is faster and has more airtime! At the end of the river, do simple tricks like Tomamu Tail Flare and the Whirling Kazeriu at the very end to get extra points! Don’t feel pressure to finish the game! The only thing that matters is Points in this game, so remember that!

With this guide, you should be able to navigate safety to the bottom of the river with at least getting 200 points!

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