Neopets Slushie Slinger Guide for Altador Cup IX

Neopets Slushie Slinger Guide for Altador Cup IX

Slushie Slinger

Business is booming at the slushie concession stand, and the Tuskaninny waitress needs your assistance to keep her customers happy! Help serve these impatient fans their slushies so they can get back to the Yooyuball action!

Neopets Slushie Slinger


Slushie Slinger is one of the three games available exclusively for the Altador Cup. In this game, you play as a red Tuskaninny waitress running a slushie concession stand at the stadium. The up and down arrow keys move the waitress between three conveyor belt service counters. The left and right arrow keys move the waitress between each service counter and the slushie making machines.

As each customer approaches the service counter, a thought bubble will appear on the customer’s head, indicating which type of slushie the customer would like. Direct the waitress to the appropriate machine using the arrow keys and press the space bar. Then, direct the waitress to the counter with the customer and press the space bar again to slide the slushie on the conveyor belt to the customer. Once the slushie is consumed, the customer will send back an empty slushie cup for you to pick up. You have 5 lives in this game. For every 50 points you score, your level increases by 1. As your level increases, more customers come in.

Types of Slushies

Jumbleberry Slushie

Zeenana Slushie

Chokato Slushie

Point Breakdown

  • Giving the customer the slushie flavor asked for: 5 points
  • Giving the customer a slushie other than the flavor asked for: 2 points
  • Getting the empty slushie container: 3 points

Ways to Lose Lives

  • Failing to get the empty slushie container
  • Keeping the customer waiting too long
  • Sending a slushie to nobody

Slushie Slinger Altador Cup

This purpose of this game is to help support the team you have chosen for the Altador Cup by submitting scores. You do not earn Neopoints from playing this game. For your own records, the number of times you have played the game and submitted a score, as well as your top score, is displayed on the the Your Stats page of the Altador Cup.

Scores submitted over 250 points counts for 7/40 (or 0.175) of a point towards increasing your Altador Cup Rank.

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