Neopets Soup Kitchen Guide

Neopets Soup Kitchen Guide

Soup Kitchen

The link to the soup kitchen is:

Off the side of the Marketplace, between the bustling crowd, lies the Soup Kitchen, a place for hungry Neopians who cannot afford food. Well, what is it, really? Let’s find out.

The Soup Kitchen is the pot-shaped building with the Faerie next to it. Click on it to enter. The Faerie will then explain to you that she gives food to poor Neopians who can’t afford it.The Soup Faerie is a kind and gentle soul. Unlike the other Faeries, she cares very little for her own appearance, preferring to spend her time helping the starving pets of Neopia.

She will then say that she knows how much you have in your bank account and shop till. One of two things could happen from there. She will either feed your pets if you have less than 3000 Neopoints, or, if you are like the majority of users and have more, then she will tell you how many Neopoints you have and yell at you for trying to get some free food.

The Soup Faerie offers several different types of soups. However, whatever soup she gives you will always lower your pet’s hunger by one level. Here are the different types of soup, just for kicks:

  • Mulligatawny Soup
  • Vegetable Soup
  • Golden Juppie Soup
  • Negg Soup
  • Bowl Mushroom and Chokato Soup
  • Starberry Soup
  • Turnip Broth
  • Potato and Leek Soup
  • Asparagus and Chutney soup
  • Chicken and Vegetable Soup
  • Cornupepper Soup
  • Invisible Soup

She also suggests visiting the Money Tree, which is one of the worst ways to get food. If you really are desperate and have more than 3,000 Neopoints, try the Giant Jelly and the Giant Omelette. They provide you with free food daily.

There really isn’t much to the Soup Faerie except an avatar! Yes, an avatar. The thing that makes people do crazy things just to achieve. In this case trying to become poor, haha, here’s the avatar:

You can get this avatar by feeding your pet at the Soup Kitchen; it’s random, so it might take a few tries. If you’re rich, you can get this avatar by offering all your Neopoints on trading lots at theTrading Post, then visiting the Soup Faerie. But I hear on days dedicated to her, or to other faeries, you can get it even if you have more than 3000 Neopoints. ;D

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