Neopets Stock Market

Neopets Stock Market

Ever heard of the Neopets Stock Market? Want to earn millions on the Neopets Stock Market? Read through this guide on the Neopets Stock Market to find everything you need to know in order to get those millions!


When you are at the “Home” page these are the links that you will come across (Except for Bargain). Each will be critically analysed for you to read. If you do not want to know what each button is used for the just ctrl + A and ctrl F and type in “Make Millions.”

Home | Find Stocks | News/Research | Profile | Message Board
My Portfolio | Buy | Help | Bargain


As mentioned this is the Home button and is quite useless. There is no reason for you to really press this button as the above buttons will be on every page except for the Message Board.

Find Stocks

You are able to search for specific stocks in the search bar or you can click on the link that is highlighted ( better yet just click it here) to search for every single stock that is available.  They are in alphabetical order if that is what you want. You can go through the prices on the stocks to pick which one you want to buy.

These are the current stocks as of the 3rd of November 2016:

22-2723100 BOTT BOOM
18-2086453 AAVL 8-5107883 ACFI 5-5429739 BB FISH
4-1439280 BUZZ
9-5399232 CHPS


17-1-6523462 EEEEE 19-1678993 DROO
21-5220914 CYBU KATE
23-6468405 CHIA


  6-2171037 HUW
 20-2602959 FAER
25-7744501 LDSC
27-7017371 KSON
2-4353347 KBAT SILL
24-9177452 SHRX
13-9692928 SMUG 7-5237318 SSS
11-4661168 PEOP 12-5437962 TAG
16-2536791 TSRC
26-7140451 VPTS 15-6638280 TPEG 14-8026614 TPP


This is another useless button. If you are wanting to make those millions you are not needing to be here. BUT if you are wanting to have a read of useless information then go for it!


This is where you are able to search for specific stock’s information. For instance, if you search for AAVL then this will appear ( minus the question mark but this will be explained down the track):


Message Board

Wondering whether to sell? Or what Stock to invest in? This is the place to ask. There are so many helpful Neopians here that would be more than happy to inform you. Just create a title, ask your question or view the titles that are available for you already.

My Profile

This is the most important link to press! This is where you can see all your stocks in one place. Better yet- A place where you can see your Neopoints increasing (or if you are unlucky decreasing.)

You are able to buy more of the same Stock here, or sell your Stocks- This will be explained very soon!


You are either able to buy stocks that you know the Ticker Symbol or clicking the click to list button will take you back to the “Find Stocks” page. The best list to buy stocks though is the Bargain list.


This button will direct you to the Help support page where three main questions will come up:

  1. What are stocks? – Pretty much they are a Neopoint investment opportunity. You buy “shares” of a company. Those shares are worth NP and depending upon how well the company goes will depend upon how much those shares go up and down ( how much NP you will make.)
  2. Where is the Stock Market? …Does it really matter. Its located at the Home button, that’s really all you need to know
  3. What’s a Ticker Symbol? They are an abbreviation of the company name. Example: BB is Breadmasters Bakeries.


That is correct, this is the Bargain list. One of the only links you should be looking at daily. This is the list where you will be able to see Stocks ordered in price.

 How to Use Neopets Stock Market to Make Millions/Buying Stocks

Firstly you need to be in the Bargain area of the Neopets Stock Market. This is what you will see when you press the button.


You will only be able to buy stocks that are currently 15np’s and above. For maximum price increase try to only buy them at 15-16np’s. Each stock will change in price every 30 minutes throughout the day. So if there are no shares under 16np’s just wait, something will drop or rise to your target area.

*Note: The only time that you are able to buy under 15np’s is when you have won in the Battle of the Oblelisk and chosen the “Cheaper By The Dozen” boon.
This will allow you to buy stocks that are at 10np’s or higher.

You are only able to buy up to 1000 shares each day. So you can choose whether you wish to put it in one Ticker Symbol or more.

For example:


I will choose HUW because it is at 15np per share. I want to buy 1000 of these. So I click on the abbreviated name (HUW) and it will prompt me to this page:


It will show me the name of the share, information about it and underneath what other shares that same company owns and what price it is selling their other shares at.

I would click on “Huberts Hot Dogs” and it will prompt me to another page asking how much I would want. This is where I type in how many shares I want.


As soon as I press “Buy Shares” I would spent my 1000 shares. If you wish to spread out your 1000 shares than that is fine.

You do need to know how much Neopoints to have out though. If you buy 1000 shares at 15np per share you would work it out by calculating: 15x 1000 = 15,000np.

The more your share costs the more NP you will have to spend (that is why it is good to get the boon when it is available.)

Once you have bought your shares you will be directed to your profile where you will be able to see all your shares and how much you have bought in each.

 My Profile ( Once you have Shares)

Once you have shares you will see the following:


Icon: The image of the Share. Ticker: Is the Abbreviated name. Open: What the cost was at midnight NST.
Current Price:  This is the current price. Chg: What the company has gained or lost. Qty: How many of that stock you have.
Paid: How much you have paid. Mkt Value: What the currently worth. % Change: How much you have lost or gained.

All the way down the bottom of all your shares that you collect will be the following totals (This is an example and yours will look different):


(200,000) – Shows the amount of share you have collected. (3,062,000)– The amount you have spent
  (3,098,000)– The amount your stocks are currently worth  ( +1.18%) – The percentage you have gained/lost

The thing is with the Neopets Stock Market is that you have to be patient for a big change with the stocks. Sometimes it can take a few days, months or even years for there to be a good increase in Neopoints. A lot of people sell once the Current Price reaches 60np. Others will sell lower or even higher.

Once you wish to sell there are two things to remember:

  1. You need to have out 20np for a fee to sell.
  2. Make sure you are getting a profit from selling. There is no point selling at 8np per share if you bought it for 15np. Just keep waiting for it rise.

To sell all you need to do is click on the button on the side for your shares to drop down. Type in how many of that share you want to sell. This image shows that the person owns 1000 shares paid at 15, and now they wish to sell 1000 and the Current price is 50np. Can you work out how much they will get? Once you know you wish to sell them then press “Sell Shares.”


The next screen will appear.  Telling you how much you sold, how much you had previously and how much you now have in your hand.
(Was your answer correct with 49,980np?)


If you do not know whether to sell or not just have a look at the message boards. People will be discussing how much they are selling, what a good target for selling is and what the current market price is. You can also see whether your stock has gone up or down during the day to see if it hasn’t reach its peak or if it has an is dropping again.


The Neopets Stock Market is used mainly for long term investments.

Do not expect to be a millionaire over night. Some stocks do not double your amount of NP for years.

Try to spread out your shares to different Ticker Symbols if available.

Finally, remember that there are helpful people on the Neoboards for your Neopets Stock Market needs.

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