Neopets Story Telling Guide



The Story Telling Competition begins on Mondays. Every Monday morning, a member of Neopets does the only job that they are employed for. To start the Competition off. During the week they then judge the other sections to be added to the story.The way that the Story Telling Competition works is, on the Monday, the opening paragraphs of a short story are written. Then users read these and submit an entry of their own, to continue the story. This continues throughout the week until the story is concluded Friday afternoon. If your paragraph is chosen, you will receive a neomail from TNT and the item will be put into your inventory.



Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any ways to help me get my submission accepted?
Yes, In the very in-depth Competition FAQ, we are told:

  1. Do the characters stay true to their personality?
  2. Does it progress the story?
  3. Does it make sense? Does it not contradict something said earlier?
  4. Is it interesting?

What about things to avoid?
Again, in the in-depth FAQ, the person who runs the competition tells us:
There are several things that should be avoided in stories:

  1. Romance between characters
  2. Weak endings that avoid addressing the plot
  3. Scenes with excessive gore or death

What time should I submit my entry so you can judge it before another entry is picked? 
It’s usually best to have your entries in before 11:00AM NST for the first section, and by 3:00PM NST for the second. I need time to edit the stories before putting them up! 


The current prizes are:

  • 2000 neopoints
  • A Gold Trophy
  • And a random item that could vary from a codestone to a Darigan Paint Brush.



Top Tips

  1. Proof read your entry before submitting it 
  2. Try to follow the tone of the story, if it has a humorous beginning don’t write a paragraph or two of a horror story 
  3. Don’t let any other users see your submission for “proofreading” There are honest users out there, however, more and more people are having their work stolen by posting it on the Neoboards or in a Neomail where somebody can steal it. 
  4. Never, and I mean never, stop trying. Even if you write one entry and it doesn’t get chosen, you still have 8 other chances to win in that week alone! Just read the entry that was accepted and write something to carry on from that, eventually, you will be accepted.

Good luck and have fun writing! Let those creative juices flow!