Neopets The Great Lost Desert Race Guide

Neopets The Great Lost Desert Race Guide

The Great Desert Escape is a classic board game with the main goal of getting to the finish line.

Basic Information: 

The Great Lost Desert Race
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The Great Lost Desert Race

Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1 points
For 1,000 NP, score 1000.
Board GamesMultiplayer
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None None None
First Place Second Place Third Place


There are four characters of this game. In one and two-player mode, each player controls two characters. In 3 and four-player, everyone controls just one each.

The characters are Tomos, Nabile, Brucy B, and Osiri. Aside from appearance, they are all the same. Non have an advantage of any sort over the others.


How to Play
After choosing your characters, you’ll be presented with a game board. On the scroll in the top left corner, a die is shown. (See #1 on the map below.) Click on the die to roll it. After you do so, you chose which character you want to move. You don’t have to alternate between the two. You could wait until one character is at the finish line before moving the other at all. As you progress on the board, you’ll run into many obstacles. See below for details.


Here is a complete map of the board to follow. Refer to underneath the board image for information on each numbered point on the map.

1: The Die
2: The Beginning Line
3: Neopoints ~ (These count towards your final score.)
4: Map Of Suteks Tomb ~ Allows you to walk on the Suteks Tomb tiles (#6) without getting sent back to the start.
5: Vortex ~ This shortcut will pick you up and send you to the tile on the other side of the line of vortex squares.
6: Suteks Tomb ~ If you don’t possess the map, (#4) you will become lost and be sent back to the start.
7: Food ~ These three tiles are helpful if you encounter the mummy. (#19)
8: Quicksand ~ If you get caught in this trap, you lose a turn.
9: Neopoints
10: Coltzans Shrine ~ Landing on this will randomly give you Neopoints, take away Neopoints, or do nothing at all.
11: Tug-Of-War ~ Chose which side you want to win and role the dice. Rolling a high number (4+) will win you Neopoints. Roll a number from 1-3, and you will lose a turn.
12: Neopoints
13: Ummagine ~ This is different from the food from earlier. This helps protect you from a certain thief. (#15)
14: Vortex ~ Another twister will carry you across the rest of the vortex tiles.
15: Ummagine Thief ~ If you have an ummagine, it gets taken away and you move on. If not, you lose a turn.
16: Sand Dune ~ A tricky part of the game. While going up and on top of the dune, if you don’t roll high enough and get stuck in the middle of the dune, you’ll be pushed back two spaces. The sand dune is made up of seven tiles, but you only need to reach the sixth without falling backwards.
17: Two More Bags Of Neopoints ^^
18: Scamander ~ This petpet moves a few spots every turn, but stays withing a certain range. Landing on it will prompt you to chose one of four doors shown on the scroll. If you choose wrong, you lose food. If you have no food, you lose a turn. If you chose right however, you move up five spaces.
19: Mummy ~ If you have no food, the mummy will send you back two spaces.
20: Neopoints Again ^^
21: Vortex ~ This paticular vortex can be either good or bad. It will send you all the way back to the tile that it two spaces behind the Tug-Of War. It’s good if you’re playing for Neopoints, and bad if you’re trying to finish.
22: Quicksand ~ Another good way to lose a turn.
23: Sakhmet ~ This is the finish line of the game. It’s not easy to land on. Unlike many board games, you can’t roll higher than needed to cross. Reaching this goal will give you 25 Neopoints.




  • It’s a good idea to alternate between the two characters, especially if one character is going to land on an undesired space.
  • Getting over the sand dune is hard. It’s easiest to place yourself one space behind the dune, and then play with the other character until you roll a 5 or 6.
  • If you’re playing for Neopoints or for a high-score, the only way to do that is to constantly hit that last vortex tile near the end, so you can go back half of the game.



Neopoints Rating: 2/10 ~ This game takes a long time, and the average is only 200-300 Neopoints. Not worth it.
Enjoyment Rating: For a advid puzzle plater, it’s about a 6. For an action player, 3. Summed up, 4/10.
Total: 3/10 This game is bad. It’s not recommended for daily play.

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