The Water Tower – Moltara Plot Guide

So the past two days, wierd random messages have been popping around the world of neopia.

These three in particular:

*static* Can anyone down — *sssss* — fix the machine… You’ll find what *BOOM* You can use the portal –*crackle* further instructions when — *static*
*static* — there hear me? …My original workshop *POP* — looks like a water tower — *ffffff* — there to teleport to… you arrive. *static*
*static* I need supplies to — *crackle* — is located underground. *sssss* — in Magma City… my ship. I’ll give you — *BOOM* Hurry, would you? *static*

So putting those three together and translating those into something us humans can understand, gives us:

Can anyone down there hear me? I need supplies to fix the machine. My original workshop is located underground. You’ll find what looks like a water tower in Moltara City. You can use the portal there to teleport to my ship. I’ll give you further instructions when you arrive.

A new part of Moltara City has now opened up. Go to Molatara City and click on the tower in the back as seen in the picture below:

Moltara City – The Water Tower

The Water Tower

Once visiting the link, a robot petpet will greet you. Select “Approach with Dignity” to proceed.

Moltara Plot Guide

Click the light bulbs in the following order to complete the puzzle for Day 1:


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