Neopets Tombola Guide

Neopets Tombola Guide


The Tick Tack Tombola, more commonly known as the Tombola, is on Mystery Island. The Tombola is on the lower-left side of Mystery Island.


The Tombola may award you a prize if you pick the correct number. You can visit the Tombola daily to try and win a prize.

You can win two types of prizes: Booby Prizes (random) or Normal Prizes (if your ticket has a number ending in 0, 2 or 5).

As far as we know, the prizes given are randomly, but while you can receive some booby prizes on your normal prize, there are some items that are just achievable with the correct numbers (faeries and codestones).

Sometimes, the Tick Tack Guy (the strange man who runs the Tombola) will pity you and give you a random amount of Neopoints, normally between 120-150.

Statistically, you’ll lose more times than win. You’ll also get more junk than usual items. But since it’s free…who cares?



What are Tombola Coins?Tombola coins are a small rarity from the past neopian world. They used to be used to access Tombola a long time ago. Now, they’re simply memories of the past and considered of great value.

The Tick Tack Guy is asking for money. He says I will get lucky if I pay him. Is that true?

Honestly, it’s just a small trick to get people to give donations. I give donations simply to make it so that the Tombola opens up quickly. The money goes to new items given as prizes for Tombola; the more you donate, the faster you can play Tombola. I give about 100 Neopoints if I’m waiting for a turn to spin, but you don’t have to. You will not become luckier, you’ll just feel good about yourself.

The Tick Tack Guy is gone! ZOMG, where is he?!The Tick Tack Guy, like many of us, has a life. He uses this time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hey, the guy’s pretty big, I’m sure he eats something. He’s closed from 1 pm – 2pm9 pm – 10pm, and 3 am – 4 am (NST). So, you’ll just have to wait an hour or so. He’ll be back eventually. :) (Oddly, the Tick Tack Shop remains open when the Tombola is closed.)

How often can I play Tombola?Only once a day, sadly. :(


Here are some lists of some of the prizes you can win from Tombola.

Codestones and Faeries
Gross Food
Booby Prizes

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