Neopets Toy Repair Shop

Neopets Toy Repair Shop


You want yer toy fixed sonny? It’ll cost ya a pretty penny then…

The toy repair shop is located in the very top of Terror Mountain. The shop keeper is called Donny, and old bori.If you have a broken toy or a broken item in your inventory, then you can get if fixed. Click on it while in the toy shop and if he can fix it and you have some neopoints (the amount varies between a few hundred neopoints), then you can get it fixed. Sometimes if you’re lucky, Donny will fix the item for free if he hasn’t seen it in awhile.


Sometimes though, Donny runs into some trouble and destroys your poor item when he tries to fix it. Your item will result in a pile of rubble in that case. The rule “you break it you buy it” still applies to Donny. He will buy you a new item if he breaks it. 

There are certain toys that are supposed to be broken and can’t be fixed. Who would want to play with a broken toy sailboat or use a broken fishing pole? Broken fish anyone?


You have received: 1734 neopoints!

If you are lucky enough fishing though, you may find a bag of broken neopoints. If you bring this to Donny to have it fixed, he will give you the neopoints (he charges 5% interest). When your bag of broken neopoints is repaired you gain an amount well over 1000 neopoints so it’s worth it! 

The toy repair shop has been used in some past plots. You had to use it in the now not so recent Lost Desert plot and the Altador Miniplot. Check out the guides on them here at Neo Nutters of Neopia to learn of the torture that both plots caused everyone. Have fun repairing items and tell Donny that I said hi.

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