Neopets Turmaculus Guide

The Turmaculus is the king of all the petpets in Neopia. Boy, all the kings of Neopia have one thing in common; they can eat! *cough King Skarl cough* I guess the eating habit is a big thing in Meridell. As many of you know, Turmacs have quite an appetite. They constantly desire more food.

So the Turmac ulus started off as a young, giddy little Turmac who desperately wanted food. Maybe a little more desperately than all the other little Turmacs. So as the little (well, not little anymore) Turmac ate, and ate… he stopped under a tree in Meridell, exhausted from his colossal body. He looked at the little Warf running around. Drool dripping down his chin, he couldn’t resist. He then dropped down and slept and slept and slept…

Turmy sleeps soundly 23 hours a day. However, during one hour a day, the Turmaculus doesn’t sleep as soundly and can be woken up…however, he’s very irritiable and has a taste for petpets…

Legends speak of a Petpet who had a gigantic appetite. As he ate, he grew, and as he grew, he ate… until one day this colossal petpet could not move any more. The Turmaculus can be found in the land of Meridell, sleeping nearly 24 hours a day. If you can wake him up, chances are he may be able to help you with an item, or a healing spell… just don’t catch him in a bad mood (we weren’t kidding about his appetite!)

When is he awake and how do you know? 

Old Turmy is asleep 24 hours a day. But one hour of that day he doesn’t sleep as soundly and can be awakened. When he is awakened you may get items, Neopoints, stat boosts, and more! Or – if he’s in a bad mood – he’ll eat your petpet!

Apparently Old Turmy has a crazy waking schedule. In order to find that schedule go to picovamde’s pet page for predictions (which are nearly always correct) for the next time Turmaculus is supposed to be awake.

Sometimes when Turmy is awake you are not able to wake him up. Wait – how do you know? Well – there’s a certain way you can tell. If everyone is awakening Turmy and you aren’t, there’s nothing wrong. It’s just that your petpet could not wake him up. There’s a difference.

If you get this message that means Turmy is asleep!

[Insert name of petpet] did everything possible, but did not wake him. 

If you get this message that means Turmy is awake! Your petpet just wasn’t able to wake him…

[Insert name of petpet] was not able to wake him.

Does the option you choose affect anything? 

The options, as far as we know, do not affect the prize you get. Here are a list of options anway though, just for fun:

  • Hit him with a stick
  • Ring a bell
  • Kick him
  • Sing to Him
  • Tap dance for him
  • blow your nose
  • Sneeze
  • Dump Cold Water on him
  • Scream
  • Bang pots and pans.


If the Turmaculus is so vicious why bother going to him anyway? Well – if you please him you may get a prize! Yes – prizes! I see I’ve lifted your spirits a bit. Here are the things you get when going to Turmaculus and successfully waking him up:

  • 100 Neopoints
  • 350 Neopoints
  • Petpet gains a level
  • Pet gets stronger
  • Pet is healed
  • Petpet is eaten

Book of Swords

Tournament Handbook

Guide to Knighthood

Medieval Shirt

Lucky Green Boots

Poet’s Hat

Sword Bush

Axe Shrub

Toy Sword

Beef Jerky


Turkey Potato Dinner

Yes, yes! There’s an avatar as well! I know, jump for joy. :D However in order to get the avatar… Ol’ Turmy has to… eat your petpet. Dun… Dun… Dun. I heard he likes Warfs and marine life petpets… But that might just be a rumor.

The Turmaculus has an avatar! How do you get it?

Have your petpet eaten when trying to wake up the Turmaculus.

How many times a day can you visit Turmaculus? 

You can visit and try to wake up Turmy as many times a day that you’d like during the 23 hours he is soundly sleeping. During that one hour which Turmy is awake you can only wake him once! If you try to wake him up more than once a day he gets pretty mad…