Neopets Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Neopets Valentines Day Gift Ideas

26 gifts for valentine’s day


Ahh, love is in the air…and what better way to express the love than with…presents! Woohoo, Valentine’s Day presents, and here’s the guide to getting all the perfect ones for your friends, family, and maybe a special someone. *wink wink, nudge nudge* Hem. Onto the guide!

Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day… a day for love and joy and, oh!, presents! So, the best you can do is to find something to offer to *someone*. If both are Neopets addicted what would be a better present than a Neopian present? So, here is a small list of the things that you can offer. Just notice something: this is Valentine’s, ok? Presents for ‘him’ and presents for ‘her’ are all the same: heart-shaped stuff and lots of kisses. The intention is what counts. Remember to choose the present according to what your *someone* likes. If they are allergic to chocolate maybe you’d like to choose something else, e.g. How to discover what they prefer? That’s your function, I’m just making a list!

Valentine's muffin

Chocolates and Treats

Always tasty, always sweet. The best for a night with a Skeith or simply for a shared afternoon.

Valentines Heart Shaped Chocolate Box – What can be better? An heart with chocolates inside! You can get it for at least 50k.
Love Shake Chocolate – For two, of course. Get it for 20k, but you can haggle and get it for15k easily.
Valentines Negg – This is a negg, so, it is expensive. 25k at least to get it. Fortunately it has no side effects. It is not sold at the Neggery.
Cupid Negg – This is a negg so, as you already knew, it is expensive (although less than the Valentines Negg). No side effects also. You can’t find it at the Neggery.
Valentines Muffin – Such a cute muffin! Eat it for 10k.
Valentines Cookies – And such cute cookies! Eat them for 8k.



Ok, I admit, these are better for girls.

Valentines Earrings – They’ll fit wonderfully on your ears, I think. And I hope they’re made of diamonds because their average price is between 23 and 50k !
Silver Valentines Ring – An unbuyable. Ever thought about asking her in marriage? Prices float between 175 – 250k.
Cheap Fire Ring – Thank God this exists! She’ll never know that it only cost you 300 NP ! It is also a weapon and can be used for the Nabile avatar.
Gold Valentines Ring – An update of the silver ring for less NP! Find it for 70k on the Shop Wizard!
Valentines Day Ring – And it comes with a box! Between 300 and 400k.


Valentine's Quiggle Plushie


Oh *-* plushies…

Valentines Cybunny Plushie – I eat plushies. 80k for this one.
Valentines Hasee Plushie – I eat unbuyable plushies. 180k for the Hasee.
Valentines Kadoatie Plushie – I eat Kadoaties that cost 250k.
Valentines Bruce Plushie – And I eat Bruces too. This dearie can be eaten for 75k.
Valentines Kiko Plushie – This came with a flower. Let’s eat them! 90k.
Valentines Quiggle Plushie – More funky than Valentine’s. Eat the toad for 50k (it’s the least expensive of the Valentine’s plushies. Wonder why…)
Valentines Grundo Plushie – MUST EAT THE PLUSHIE GRUNDO! 200k.
Valentines Chia Plushie – *burp* 65k on the Wizard.



Ha… It looks like an OK present if you’re married. But since pillows can always count as plushies you may like to offer one. ^^

Valentines Rug – Clean your feet on her heart… Ok, this did not sound pretty well, isn’t it? Get this wonderful non-fashioned rug for 28k.
Valentines Pillow – I’m sure that with this he will never get out of your dreams! (well, you’ll dream with him even without this pillow… xD) 40k for a dream…
Valentines Bean Bag – Fluffy! Between 75 and 90k on the Wizard.
Bottle of Love – This is a cheap pretty present that everyone enjoys, because it does not make sense at all. ^^ Find for a mere 5k at any shop.

Don’t get this for anyone… they, er, won’t be happy… ^^;


Everyone loves flowers and plants and nature related things. And they’re quite easy to find, if you�re late to your Valentine’s dinner. ^-*

Rose Tree – Better than a rose just a tree of them. 16k for some giant flowers that will put your garden with a sweet smell!
Valentines Bouquet – Complex, huh? 15k for these flowers!
Three Red Roses – Oh me likes them! Pretty flowers for 7k.

Luvvy dub, dub.


For people who like to read, these are the best presents.

Blumaroo Love Stories – I eat books. This lovely story for 1,200 NP.
Lennies in Love – (you’ve noticed that I eat things when I have nothing else to say, isn’t it?) You can eat this book for 2,800 NP.
Techo in Love – Eat lovely techos for 4,500 NP.
Lenny Love – Another lenny eatable love story. This one for 5,000 MP.
The Love Buzz – ME EATS… ok, the average price of this one is 4,000 NP.
Nuts, A Love Story – Wow, something different! Eat it for the reasonable price of 23 – 25k !

Ooh, now who’s this for?

A Mysterious Valentine’s Card

What everyone wants for Valentine’s… It will give you and the person you send the card the Valentine’s Neopets sidebar. The person that receives the card will not know that it was sent for you (the perfect present for your secret crush, hehehe). You can get it for 600k but the price is raised to over a million NP during Valentine’s time. You can only use it once (it will disappear after you use it) and you’ll just get the sidebar if you send it on Valentine’s Day.

Neopets Cards: NeoGreetings – If your *someone* does not play on Neopets the best you can do is to send a NeoGreeting ( 

The Puppyblew greeting (click here) will give you the “Valentines Chia” avvie if you send it on the 14th of February. (well, I got it by sending the card to myself. You can do it too).

Happy Valentine’s Day! Teehee… ^^

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