Neopets Wise Old King Guide

Neopets Wise Old King Guide

wiseking_normal-9301321The Brightvale Castle is home to the famous King of Brightvale, King Hagan. King Skarl and King Hagan have one thing in common, they love entertainment. King Hagan, rather than liking jokes is an information lover. He wants wisdom. So that’s your job. To tell Hagan he already doesn’t know. Believe me, it’s harder than you think. Here’s a little wisdom from him: 

Without an education, one is more likely to become a jester than a king.

So follow the advice and hit the books! Well not really. It’s actually random wheather you get prize, so you can say something totally ridiculous like, Green Skeiths smell like dung angelpusses, and he’ll give you an A+ grade! I’ll get up to grades later.The King likes to go ‘study’ in his library about 3 times a day. From 8-9AM NST, 1-2PM NST, and 7-8PM NST he’s ‘studying’. HAH. Yeah right. How much do you want to bet he’s out pigging out? At least King Skarl tells the truth. Anyway moving on to the grading system.

Now, there’s only 3 letter grades. Let’s get to it all:

  • A+: The best grade and you’ll get a few hundred neopoints and a rare item.
  • B: The King Hagan says it’s quite a phrase! But not something amazing and that you should read more. So he gives you a cheap book to read.
  • F-: You jusst look like an idiot. A court jester. Better go running back to King Skarl.

Sometimes King Hagan won’t give you any points because you haven’t brought down any new wisdom upon him. Though he’ll throw some neopoints at you for trying.

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