Neopets Yooyuball Guide for Altador Cup IX

Another year. Another Altador Cup. Another countless hours wasted on this darn yooyuball game! Here’s my strategy towards this game!

First choose your formation.
I go with 1+3 as that means the other team only has 1 defender on the last line of defense.

Then we stick with the default right to left.

First of all, tactics to quickly get hold of the ball.

If at the start, your opponent passes the ball backward, just stay still, as he will pass it straight back to the middle man who will pass it straight to you!

If they pass it to the side however, grab hold of your player on that side of the field and run straight into your opponent, getting possession of the ball.

Okay, lets start with what I think is the easiest ball, the FIRE.

With the fire ball, just head to one side and shoot on an angle (as shown)

Next the normal ball

Same rules apply with this ball as fire, very easy to score with.

The slow as a grandpa snail – snow ball.

With the snow ball, i start on one side work my way toward the middle and shoot from right in front of the goalie on an angle toward the side of the goals.

Dr. Sloth latest creation, the mutant ball.

With this ball, same rules as normal and fire BUT, beware, this ball sometimes decides to curve and miss the goals, can be tricky at some times!

Another of Kass’s minions, the Darigan ball!

Ok with this ball, the direction you aim, the ball goes the opposite way!
So instead of aiming on an angle toward the goal, angle it away!
Maybe aim for the corners of the court…


Ok, this ball is just terrible. If your going to score you need to be quick, I have only ever done it once.

The pretty things with wings!

Just aim straight at the goalie! Make sure there is some distance, and the ball will curve straight past him and in!