Neopets Zurroball Guide

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Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 13.15 points
For 1,000 NP, score 77.
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RulesTo play this game, first choose a ball from the wide variety you can see on the title screen. Next, you bounce the ball around the screen, doing certain tricks to earn points. Hitting the ball over the two red lines at the top of the screen will put your points in the bank. It’s highly recommended you do this frequently, for if you lose the ball before depositing points, you’ll lose them all. Merely hitting the ball up and down continuously will give you points, but slowly. Doing other tricks will gain yourself even more.


Before we Start

Here are the basics to controlling the ball you choose. Hitting the ball from the middle of it, will generally shoot the ball straight upwards. However, hitting the ball at it’s side will make the ball move sideways. There is no way to shoot the ball downwards unless you don’t hit it, so if you click the top of the ball, don’t worry.


Double clicking on the ball will rocket it upwards, most often off the screen. The ball will still move around while out of sight, so to track it, keep an eye on the shadow at the bottom of the screen. It will move with the ball. 


There are very many different tricks to use in Zurroball to get you points.

  • Freestyle: 1 Point
    Click on the ball and will climb into the air. If you click on it again or if the ball goes over the red line without carrying out a different trick, it’s called Freestyle. (Not as flashy as it sounds, huh?) In other words, just keep clicking the ball over and over, and you’ll get 1 point each time. Tedious, but it can work. If you are new to this game, do this trick for the first game or so to get the hang or it. This trick works well with any ball. (Covered later.)
  • Right Zurro/Left Zurro: 3 Points
    Hitting the ball on it’s side and hitting it against either wall on the right or left of the screen is a Right or Left Zurro, depending on which wall. They each give 3 points, so it doesn’t matter which you use. If you feel more comfortable with one side than with the other, do that. In some cases, it’s like being left or right handed. This is another beginner’s trick to help introduce you to the game. This trick works best with light and medium weight balls.(Covered later.)
  • Boomerang: 5 Points
    Bounce the ball of one wall, and click the ball once so that it bounces of the opposite wall. This is a Boomerang. It’s difficult to get the hang of, and it can be a little tricky to catch, but it makes a nice addition to your point bank. This trick is best done using a light and/or bouncy ball.(Covered later.) Listen for the “Dink” sound when you do this trick correctly.
  • Around The World: 10 Points
    If the ball hits one wall, and then bounces and hits the opposite wall without you touching the ball, then you get a purdy 10 Points. This is extremely hard for anyone but an advanced player to catch, so be careful if you try to do this trick. Bouncy balls are made for this trick. (Covered later.) Do this right and you’ll hear the bell sound.
  • Grounder: 10 Points In my opinion, the hardest trick in the game. You bust let the ball drop to the ground, and catch it at the very last moment. This means that you have to get the ball just close enough without it hitting the ground, but you can’t hit the ball to early or else it won’t count as a trick. Listen for the “Dink” sound again to assure you that it was done right. Unless you have perfected this trick, don’t try it in the middle of the game. It’s very risky. This trick can be done with any ball.


There are more balls than just the Zurroball. There’s also a variety of experiment balls for you to try out.


Zurroball: Weight-Medium, Size-Medium, Bounce-Medium, Difficulty-Easy~ This is the default and all-around ball. Beginners should use this ball to get the hang of the game. Most tricks can be carried out fairly well with this ball. Doing the Boomerang of Around The World tricks though will require hitting the ball with a bit more power however. 

Snot Ball: Weight-Light, Size-Small, Bounce-Medium, Difficulty-Easy/Medium~This ball is slightly harder to use than the Zurroball, but not by much. Being lighter, it can do the Boomerang and Around The World tricks more effectively, but it’s smaller size makes it harder to catch in many to most cases. I’d recommend this ball to players who have started to get the feel to this game. 

Metal Ball: Weight-Heavy, Size-Small, Bounce-Medium, Difficulty-Medium~ This is a tough ball to handle. It’s heavy weight makes it all but useless when trying to do a Boomerang or Around The World. Although at the fast rate that this ball comes back down after hitting it, Grounders can be made quite a bit easier. You may even trigger more than one Grounder at once. This ball is for intermediate players.Energy Ball: Weight-Light, Size-Small, Bounce-Medium, Difficulty-Medium~Another slightly tougher ball. This ball actually builds up bounce, meaning that it will bounce more and more each time if you hit it against the wall with one click without the Energy Ball going over the point line. This being said, this ball is very good when doing Around The World and Boomerang. This ball is also very easy to catch. After about a second in the air, this ball will cease moving left or right and just drop straight down, saving you the grief of trying to catch it otherwise. This is another intermediate level ball.


Eye Ball: Weight-Medium, Size-Medium, Bounce-High, Difficulty-Medium/Hard~This is one of the hardest balls in the game. Of course, that isn’t to say that it’s extremely difficult. The hard part about this ball is that since it’s bounce is so great, it goes out of control quite often. A tap that would normally just shift another type of ball left or right can make the Eye Ball zoom if you’re not careful. This is without doubt the best ball for Around The World and Boomerang if you can catch it. The ball goes so fast that it’s easy to drop. This ball isn’t very good with Freestyle or Zurros seeing as it won’t stay in one place for long, and for Grounders, it’s merely mediocre. This ball is for advanced players.Grundo (ball): Weight-Heavy, Size-Mediud, Bounce-Medium/High, Difficulty-Medium/Hard~ Every game has it’s secret. On the title screen, click on the “Z” on the spinning Grundo’s suit. Doing so will achieve yourself the poor Neopet as your new ball. (Fun, huh? ^^) This ball is an all-around ball like the Zurroball basically, though a step up in stats. It’s heavier, has higher bounce, and so on. This ball does a bit better than alright for Grouders, and is good for Freestyle. It can do Zurros quite well also. The only things it’s not useful for are Around The World and Boomerang. Although it’s bounce is high, it’s weight drags it down. This ball isn’t hard to use, but it’s not easy either. This ball is good for any skill of player who’s looking for a not-so-hard, not-so-easy challenge.



Easter EggsWhen playing Zurroball, you may notice that the ball you’re using is an abnormal colour. This is Zurroball’s Easter Egg. Most of the balls you use can come in three different colours. Play the game a bit and see for yourself.