Neopian Adventure Generator Guide

Neopian Adventure Generator Guide



Basic Information: 

Neopian Adventure Generator
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Neopian Adventure Generator

Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1 points
For 1,000 NP, score 1000.
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Do you like to write? Do you like to share the adventure that you or your characters lived? Then this competition is fit for you!



Type of Adventure
Before you start, choose the kind of adventure you’d like to play or make. There are different categories:

  • Battle – When your adventure tells stories of Battledome, fights, warriors and wars.
  • Comedy – Stand up, jokes funny stories.
  • Drama – If you’e a novelist that likes to tear up people, choose this.
  • Fantasy – Magical petpets, wizarding the world of Neoquest…
  • Instructional – Teach everything you know on a funny and interesting way!
  • Mystery – Horror stories, detective tales, dark shades on Haunted Woods, they all belong to this category.
  • Quest – Is your character looking to collect all the Eliv Thade mansion weapons, or maybe to rescue a princess from an evil minitheus? Write about it here.
  • Role Playing – Speaks for itself.
  • Science Fiction – Kreludor and Virtupets belong here
  • Test/Quiz – Are you a water faerie or a fire faerie? Do you like cheese or asparagus instead? These adventures are made to reveal more about the reader.



Making your Adventure
It’s simple and easy and, fortunately, you will be provided many help pop-ups during the process.

The first thing you have to do is to choose the following facts:

  • Title – Think something fancy, mysterious but at the same time informative. Or use the Generator, if you want to have a name like “The Mystery of the Cabbage of Doom”
  • Far-Off-Land – This must be chosen according to the theme of your adventure. If your adventure is about a quest to Kreludor it would not make sense to make it happen at the Lost Desert. The lands available are: Brightvale, Darigan Castle, Faerieland, Kiko Lake, Krawk Island, Kreludor, Maraqua, Meridell, Mystery Island, Neopia Central, Roo Island, Sloth’s Lair, Terror Mountain, The Battledome, The Endless Plains, The Haunted Woods, The Lost Desert, The Training School, The Virtupets Space Station, The Witch’s Tower and Tyrannia
  • Category
  • Color Scheme – You can choose a very wide variety of colours and preview it. If you don’t choose the colour set will be selected according to the land where you chose to place your adventure. 
  • Suppress Page Numbers – Page numbers are cool if you want your story to look as a book. You shall suppress them if your story is really small or if your adventure is a quiz (just my opinion, but I believe it works better this way)

Now onto the next step.

  • Text – Here you shall write the text for that page. You can edit the Font, make it bold or italics using tags or (easier) the buttons you have on your right. You have 1800 characters available per page.

In resume: works the same way Neoboards do.

  • Image – Here you can post an illustration to your page. Images must be from Neopets, so look around in shopkeepers, items, Battledome opponents, TGCs and Neocards, for example. Remember that if the picture is too big it will cast a shade over your writings.
  • Exits – This is very important. If your story is just like a book make a single exit that continues on the next page. If you want to make a story like Neoquest 3D or The Haunted House you may want to put a few options. Options are obviously required when doing a Quiz or Test. If this is the last page of your adventure you can option the Exit as “ending”. Because of this I recommend that you write a scheme on a spare paper, as big adventures can turn out very confusing. With the page created you can proceed to make more pages (on the Add Page link) and completing the adventure.



Master List
This shows the pages you have already created, a quote from the text on them and information on if they have pictures, their exits or if it’s a dead end. From here you can edit each page of your adventure.

You can also Delete your Adventure or change the properties set on the first step. Finally, you can lock your adventure. After being locked it can’t be edited until it gets to be unlocked again. Only locked adventures can be submitted into spotlight.



Spotlight Tips

  • The adventure must obey to the Neopets rules and preferences. Must be Neopet themed. For more information regarding this issue.
  • Make it original, not only with the pictures but with the text;
  • The text is the most important, make sure you don’t have typos and grammar mistakes;
  • You can submit a small note resuming your adventure. Make it look interesting;
  • Be patient, very patient. If you re-submit you’ll get on the tail of the line, so only do that if it’s strictly necessary.

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