New Goparokko Neopets Avatar

New Goparokko Neopets Avatar

Neopets has just released a new avatar for the game Goparokko! All you have to do is send a score of  8500+ to receive this new avatar.

Goparokko Neopets Avatar

Goparokko Guide:

Flip colored blocks all the way! Goparokko is a “matching colour” game hosted by a scary native yurble.


Your objective is to eliminate blocks. By clicking a 2×2 block arrangement they will flip clockwise. When you make a 2×2 block arrangement of the same colour the blocks will disappear.

Game Screen

The trick is to move the blocks from one place to another by flipping them. This way even when the formations are really far from each other you can match tiles.

There are also a couple of special blocks that will help you through the game.

Special Tiles

Notice that restrained blocks (like the one with the blue edge on the example) can be destroyed when matched.

You can choose from three difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. What changes from one to another is the time available. The clock goes much faster on harder modes, but the score will be better too.

You also can win these great looking trophies by playing the Goparokko game!


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