New Neopet: Vandagyre!

New Neopet: Vandagyre!

Vandagyre, is the name of the new Neopet that has been released! We have neopets starting with every other letter of the alphabet, so it is only fitting that they named this pet starting with a V. Rather a strange name too! Many new goodies have been released alongside Neopets’s 55th specie!

The Vandagyre has now been released! It’s available to be made now at the Create a Neopet page! Go create yourselves a Vandagyre today!

The Neopets Team has now released clothes for the Vandagyre. So far we have two sets of clothes, trendy and sweet! Here they are:

Vandagyre Vandagyre
Sweet Vandagyre Caplet
Sweet Vandagyre Shoes
Sweet Vandagyre Purse
Sweet Vandagyre Dress
Sweet Vandagyre Wig
Trendy Vandagyre Wig
Trendy Vandagyre Shoes
Trendy Vandagyre Trousers
Trendy Vandagyre Jacket
Trendy Vandagyre Scarf
Trendy Vandagyre Shirt

Vandagyre Morphing Potions

Red Vandagyre Morphing Potion
Yellow Vandagyre Morphing Potion
Green Vandagyre Morphing Potion
Blue Vandagyre Morphing Potion

Vandagyre Art


Neopets Vandagyre

Vandagyre Neopets






Pirate Vandagyre by Rainywren

Fighter Vandagyre by Rainywren

{ Vandagyre Adopt } by AskMae

Vandagyre by Autumnk

Vandagyre, the new pet by FarolitoProducciones

Vandagyre Adoptable - Christmas Clothed by Exhaltorio

What do users on Neopets think about the release on this new Specie?

Can’t wait till TNT releases some clothing for my new neopet. TNT stated in previous editorials that any new pets wouldn’t be able to wear old clothing items. So right now, all they can wear are foregrounds and backgrounds.

Guys, go to your Vanda’s lookup. I got this when I went to see it:
Happy Birthday!
*TWEEEEET* Congratulations! It’s Vyriea’s birthday and Vyriea deserves to celebrate in style. Time to pick out a tasty cupcake! Which cupcake do you think your Neopet would love best?
Starry Pink Birthday Cupcake
Starry Yellow Birthday Cupcake
Starry Blue Birthday Cupcake

Making the Ruki LE was just… LOL! I can’t stop laughing!
You guys all have cute Vandagyres!

I named him Bubo after the genus from which the Great Horned Owl comes because of his tufts. He also looks like he is part Panda, hence the “Bear” part of his name.

I caught Vandajyre here. Closest misspelling of the name that’s still pronounced the same. I was debating, while refreshing, whether to just create it as a regular pet. But I figured the MPs when released will be insanely expensive and a lucky zap would take forever.
I think she’s the first one made – I was refreshing like mad, had her name ready to paste in, and got her well before the news posted. And I was the first person to post on the waiting board that they’d made one. ^_^

I apologize if anyone has already pointed this out, but I’m too lazy with this lag to go and read the previous pages. Anyways, did anyone notice their petpage? “Someday I’m going to discover a new land in Neopia! I hope this means we’ll be getting a new place to explore!

Also, right now Vandagyres can’t wear any clothes (I think only Backgrounds and Foregrounds?) and they can’t be painted any colour except the four primary ones. I hope the staff wouldn’t make us wait very long before we can paint them.

I know they’re cute and all and maybe it’s not the right time to say something without being told ‘don’t complain tnt at least did something’ (which I agree with) but is anyone else disappointed they can’t wear old clothing? They’re basically uc but without the look.. I know (hope) future wearables will be okay, but they could have done the same thing with a pet that looks uc-ish like maraquans for example. Maybe in the future?

/laughs at your vandagyres They’re actually pretty cute, congrats guys. I’m tempted to create one but I don’t want to have to pound one of my kitties for one.

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