Pakiko – New Neopets Game!

Pakiko – New Neopets Game!

Pakiko is the new game released by Neopets, and the first this year in 2014. Pakiko is the Neopets version of Neeterball on PetPetPark if you’ve ever played that. If you’ve ever played Pinball on your PC, than this game will be a piece of cake!

Pakiko Neopets

Archie has invented a new game in the depths of Kiko Lake. Since bubbles are always filling up the view for Kikos and tourists, he thought of a clever way to clear up the water. Aim the bubble shooter and try to hit the green bubbles with as few shots as possible. Archie will be below, trying to catch your bubbles before they bounce away.

In-Game Screenshots:

Neopets PakikoNeopets Pakiko Guide
Neopets Pakiko CheatPakiko Cheats Neopets

Spiffy new Pakiko trophies:

How to Play:

You control the bubble shooter at the top of the screen. Use your mouse to aim and left click to shoot a bubble.

Try to hit all the green bubbles with as few shots as possible. Once a bubble is hit, it will turn red. When your bouncing bubble leaves the screen, all the red bubbles will disappear.

If Archie catches your bubble in his shell, you’ll get a free bubble or bounce. When your bouncing bubble vanishes into the muck of the lakebed, it’s gone! Mr Squiddy will then load another bubble into your shooter and you can continue, considering you still have bubbles left in the pipe on the left.

Lake Features:

The waters of Kiko Lake are full of rocks, coral, and other obstacles that cannot be cleared. Use them to your advantage:

Neopets Pakiko Game


These are the four collectibles in the game! Simply just hit them when they appear, to activate them!

Pakiko Neopets Game

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