★ NCPack- Ombre Glitter Dress


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Username Format: xxxxxxxxx
Age: 7 years
Site Themes: 8
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Gallery Size: 30
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 5,000,000 NP
Safety Deposit Box: Unique Items: 1,900 | Total Items: 3,200


Xxxxxxxx the Baby Xweetok
Xxxxxxx the Relic Shoyru ( HP: 500 | STR: 100 | MVE: 25 | INT: 100 )
xxxxxxxx the Tyrannian Xweetok

Total Avatars: 155
Notable Avatars:

Trophies: Site Event: 10 | Game: 5
Notable Trophies:

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 2,125,000NP):

Gold Brightvale Job Coupon – 550,000NP
Silver Brightvale Job Coupon – 400,000NP
Green Brightvale Job Coupon – 350,000NP
Space Station Trick-or-Treat Bag – 250,000NP
Maraquan Petpet Paint Brush – 225,000NP
Darigan Petpet Paint Brush – 200,000NP
Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie – 150,000NP

Total Neocash Items: 50
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 6 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Ombre Glitter Dress
End of Battle Background
Decorative Bowl of Fruit Background
Spinning Neopian Globe Staff
Sparkler Contacts