★ NCPack- Radioactive Toxic Shroom


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Age: 9.5 years
Shop Size: 80

Christmas Uni
Starry Kougra

Total Avatars: 65
Notable Avatars:

Notable Trophies:

Total Neocash Items: 100
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 32 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Radioactive Toxic Shroom
Haunted Graveyard Background
Valentines Day Mailbox
Sweetheart Background
Sweetheart Ball Gown
Tulip Background
Mystery Island Summer Background
Gypsy Camp Background
Heart Head Bonk
Popcorn Maker
End of Battle Background
Dream Catcher Wings
Spinning Neopian Globe Staff
Floral Throne Background
Pressed Flower Wings
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Green Candy Striped Gift Box
Spring Gift Box