★ NCPack- Sparkling Cobweb Necklace


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Age: 11.5 years
Shop Size: 20
Gallery Size: 20
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 2,000,000 NP

Desert Ruki

Total Avatars: 130
Notable Avatars:

Notable Trophies:

Total Neocash Items: 100
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 25 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Sparkling Cobweb Necklace
Festive Gold Jacket
Faerie Cloud Racer Collectors Background
New Years in Haunted Woods Background
Chocolate Dream Background
Shenkuu Warrior Training Grounds Background
Guarding the Gates Background
Shenkuu Performer Headdress
Figure Skating Dress
Ice Rink Background
Colourful Feather Wings
Gift Wrap Station Background
Poinsettia Wings
Mistletoe Dress
Gothic Cherub Wings
Up On The Rooftop Background
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Green Candy Striped Gift Box
Spring Gift Box