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Some say this was blessed by one of Fyoras faithful aides, whoever did it, the enchantment placed upon it is very powerful indeed.


  1. Elise Kozler

    While I`m a big fan of this (used it for a long time) and hence can quite comfortably extol the virtues of this weapon, at the time of rating, the price has inflated to a point where it no longer is really worth it. TCG and ITTPD avatar-induced inflation have really taken their toll, especially when you take the main alternative to this weapon into consideration, the Dusty Magic Broom.

    This has a fraction of an icon over the DMB, certainly not justifying the immense added cost. To do that, the icon combination would have to be a great deal more effective than the Broom, which it isn`t, since both weapons` icons have their plus points. This gets icons through both Sink and Burrow, while the Broom nails Sink. I personally prefer to have separate weapons targeting Burrow and Sink, so my vote goes to the Broom, especially given the prevalence of dark blockers currently. Ironic since back when I got my Crown, I added to a Broom for it.

    The light blocking is good as always, catching the likes of Scuzzys Comb and Ramtors Spellbook. This also beats Wand of Reality, Ring of the Lost and Golden Compass, most of which the Broom can also do. Mystical White Cloak shuts this down, and it can be beaten by the much cheaper Ice Club and Stone Club, either of which should be opted for if defence is not trained. Upgrades are hard to find, but I guess the costly Dark Faerie Collar qualifies.

  2. Elise Kozler

    I was actually considering getting one of these many moons ago as a secondary weapon, mainly because it looked very nice in comparison to my main weapon at the time. I eventually opted for a Dusty Magic Broom instead, and this has gotten a bit weaker with time, but it’s still decent.

    In terms of attack icons, it’s basically standard. Weaker than the Stone Club but stronger than the Tyrannian Lupe Tooth for substantially more than either, but the reason one would use this is the additional 5 Light defense on top of the attack. Considering that, it’s very good, although the Sword of the Dead defends a nice amount of Light too for a fart lesser price (And a lesser attack).

    Personally, I don’t know how useful this will continue being, depending on how many light blocking weapons are released. I’ll give this a 7 because of its uncertain future.

  3. Elise Kozler

    Power (2/4) The 13.73 total offensive+ defensive icons make this a very solid dual duty

    Price (1/2) This goes for roughly what equivalent dual duties, such as Hobans Hat do. No longer a bargain with the recent price spike following the cancellation of the neopets TCG.

    Tactical Use (3/3) This comes out ahead against most of the NQ2 weapons which are so common at this level and against the Ring of the Lost. Frequently used in conjunction with Golden Compass or Mask of Coltzan to present a strong offense and solid defense. Overall this is one of the best light defense options under 10 million. A bit of a victim of its own success, as countermeasures to it are becoming more common.

    Another Angle 1/1 The first decent weapon in alphabetical order.

    Alternatives: The cheaper Dusty Magic Broom is only slightly weaker and defends the same 5 light icons. Other dual duties with similar price and power are Hobans Hat and Kaylas Hat. If you just want the light defense, Shadow Shield goes for a similar price.

    Upgrades: The next improvements to light defense are Pirate Captains Hat, Dark Faerie Collar, and Jhudoras Bewitched Ring. At the very high end, there`s Skarls Sword

    Defenses/Countermeasures: Mystical White Cloak (and the identical Ultrasteel Helmet) completely shut down the Crown`s attack. This can also be beat by using weapons which don`t deal light, such as Royal Wedding Ring or Sword of Apocalypse

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